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International conference on networking in the cultural sector

12 June 2008, from 9.00 to 12.30
City Hotel Ljubljana, Dalmatinova 15, Slovenia

Cultural Contact Point Slovenia is inviting you to the international conference on networking in the cultural sector, Re-network!

Networking in arts and culture has had a long tradition in Europe and there is hardly any professional organisation that is not a member of at least one international network. However, networks as well are facing radical changes affecting cultural industries: new technologies enabling free flow of works and information, audience being transformed into active users.

With the special emphasis put on the intercultural dialogue between the EU and SEE the conference's aim is to find out how ''old'' and ''new'' cultural networks respond to these circumstances and how they manage the problem of free flow of information especially if relevant to transnational cooperation.

The conference will be opened with the introductory speeches by Barbara Kozelj, director-general of the Directorate for Art, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Marko Peljhan, ambassador of Intercultural Dialogue. Alenka Pirman, artist and founding member of the Domestic Research Society, will moderate discussion with the representatives of EU & SEE cultural networks: Daphne Tepper (Culture Action Europe - EFAH), Pal Steigan (TEH), Vesna Milosavljevic (inSEEcp), Juan Carlos De Martin (COMMUNIA), Dragana Alfirevic (Balkan Dance Network).

Moreover, two keynote speakers will present their views on and experience in networking and free flow of information: Peter Inkei (Budapest Observatory) and Vuk Cosic (net artist).

Re-network! represents a public part of the Informal meeting of European Cultural Contact Points (CCP Meeting) taking place in Ljubljana and Maribor from 11 to 14 June 2008 as one of the official events within the Slovene EU Presidency cultural programme. As a parallel event, the inSEEcp Meeting will take place, gathering editors of on-line cultural portals from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosna and Hercegovina.


By filling the electronic form, please confirm your participation at the conference Re-network! by Monday, 2 June 2008. Only on the basis of your on-line registration CCP Slovenia will be able to arrange your accreditation. The conference is free of charge; travel and hotel accommodation will be covered by participants.

Further information
Re-network! website: General information / Target Group / Conference programme / Presentation of the speakers and panellists / Registration
Contact person: Mateja Lazar, CCP Slovenia, tel.: 00 386 1 431 83 85, e-mail: ccp@scca-ljubljana.si

Kindly welcomed!

Short overview of the conference

The international conference dedicated to the topic of networking and stimulating transnational cooperation and free flow of information in the cultural sector hosted altogether 150 participants, mainly representatives of various international cultural networks, including ca. 50 delegates of European Cultural Contact Points.

A lively and sincere discussion involving speakers as well as the audience has reaffirmed the absolute significance of transnational networks while highlighting their specific roles as:

  • "guardians" of the public domain (the power of networking is sharing),
  • common platforms for identification of and discussion on relevant issues,
  • "translators" (mediators) between different stakeholders,
  • empowering structures (survival and self-education; visibility and recognition),
  • enablers of the decentralisation of cultural industry.

In general it was stressed that culture should not be seen as a mean (illustration, decoration, PR) but as a value as such. As a concrete example of anachronistic notion of the role of culture in our society, the obsolete and unproductive category of "Ambassadors" supported within the EU Culture Programme was pointed out. This financial support should be rather used to stimulate networks and festivals which can actually enhance transnational cooperation.

Appropriate conditions on the national and regional levels as well should enable and enhance transnational cooperation through programmes stimulating mobility of cultural workers. The EU support programmes should broaden the geographical scope and substantially include the EU neighbourhood (more should be invested on future Members and regions "on the borders").

Existing definitions related to networks are out of date and networks should adopt more innovative conceptions of operation and contemporary, synthetic approach. We should avoid thinking in paradigm of a rigid and stable structure ('network') but rather of a fluid and changing process ('networking').

Alenka Pirman, moderator
Mateja Lazar, organiser (CCP Slovenia)

Re-network! Re-network!

Re-network! Re-network!

About the conference

Re-network! is organized by Cultural Contact Point Slovenia / SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana with a support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Commission (DG EAC) and Executive Agency (EACEA), Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian EU Presidency Secretariat, CCP Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia and other partners.

This conference reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



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