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Open Studio Izmir
Screenings, discussions, presentations and workshop with a focus on videodance, sound and performance

October 11-16, 2011
K2 Contemporary Art Center
Cumhuriyet Blv.No:54
Büyük Kardicali Han, Kat:2 Konak-IZMIR, Turkey

Open Studio is an interdisciplinary project and platform with screenings, discussions, presentations and workshop with a focus on videodance and sound art. Open Studio is conceived as a collaborative project between SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana (Slovenia) and K2 - Contemporary Art Center from Izmir (Turkey).


Tuesday, October 11, from 7pm
SCCA team will present the Open Studio platform.

Videodance_6 & DIVA Station in Izmir (presentation, screening and discussion)
Barbara Borčić (curator and critic, video and performance art specialist, director of SCCA) will present one of the curated Videospotting programs focused on dance video and demonstrate DIVA Station, physical and web archive of video art in Slovenia run by SCCA. The screening of curated video program will follow the presentation.

Zank, Icht
Zemira Alajbegović & Neven Korda (ZANK), Icht, 24'
TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1993

Thursday, October 13, 7pm
Studio 6 (presentation and discussion)
Saša Nabergoj (assistant director of SCCA) will speak about alternative curatorial strategies on the case of Studio 6. Since 2004 Studio 6 has been developing site specific actions and interventions in the Project Room SCCA in order to encourage discussions and establish constructive collaboration between diverse protagonists of the contemporary art world (artists, curators, critics, theorists), offer space for presentation of artistic actions and ensure their reflection.

Artservis’ mobile suitcase (presentation and screening)
Dušan Dovč (production manager of SCCA) will present Artservis as a web-based information resource for artists and Artservis’ Collection as a thematic project on production conditions in culture. The collection found its “resort” also in the form of mobile suitcase meant for public presentations and individual viewing. The screening of video works from Artservis’ Collection will follow the presentation.

Artservis mobile suitcase

Saturday, October 15, 8pm
Workshop public presentation
The participants and mentors will demonstrate the final result in a form of an interactive performance.


Wednesday, October 12-Saturday, October 15, from 10am to 16.00pm
The workshop will explore relationship between dance, interactive performance/live act, sound and video through theoretical introduction and practical work. The workshop's objective is to introduce workshop participants with the interdisciplinary potential of video and sound as a technological tool and artistic means of expression and its capacity of manipulation in real-time.

Neven Korda Neven Korda

The theoretical part will outline videodance genre and the transmission of live act to performative video. It will show video document as research material and archive.

The practical part: The participants will discover different layers of interactive performance: the layer of geometrical movement, the layer of choreographed dance, the layer of sound surrounding, and the layer of image. The collaboration between the participants will result as a project-in-process that will take place in real space and real time and will be publicly demonstrated at the end of the workshop.

The participants: The workshop is dedicated for visual, video and sound artists, dancers/performers, dramaturges, choreographers, VJ’s… with professional expertise or with a need to acquire it. They will obtain basic experience about: interaction of performers’ movements with interventions by dramaturgy; choreography and video; simultaneous transmission on screens and loudspeakers; computer manipulation with streamed data; computer manipulation with sound; capture of different data with the help of different sensor technology/instruments, manipulation of time.

The mentors:

Neven KordaNeven Korda (video artist/director, Ljubljana, Slovenia) is an artist in the field of performative and projected art. He is director and author of theatre performances, author movies, documentaries, video clips. He is tutor and executor of workshops on functional video. He is also active in the field of archiving and preserving video recordings (www.korda-art.si).

Neven KordaBorut Savski (intermedia artist, Ljubljana, Slovenia) works in the domain of concepts and contexts, especially in connection with sound (and sound objects) as a metaphor. His background is independent radio, Internet media and electronics. (www.3via.org/index.php?htm=borut)


How to apply? Send your CV and motivation letter (max. 800 caracters) to K2, Selin Demirham (celinta@yahoo.com). If you have experience with audio-visual manipulation or editing, write what kind of and what equipment you use.

Sunday, October 16
Non-formal conclusion of the Open Studio platform for participants, mentors, lecturers and organizers.


K2 - Contemporary Art Center from Izmir (Turkey) is a non profit, artists run organization which is committed to developing a broad range of international and national exhibition projects and public programs including lectures, seminars, performances, film and video screenings, publications and a studio for guest artists.
More: www.k2org.com

SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana (Slovenia) produces, stimulates and mediates innovative artistic practices with a focus on video art and runs school for curators and critics of contemporary art. By establishing a support system and cooperating with numerous NGOs SCCA-Ljubljana situates artistic practices into the social framework.
More: www.scca-ljubljana.si

Both organizations are partners of the international project On-AiR project (tool for artists: mobility workshops and training programs on artist-in-residence opportunities).

More: www.on-air-mobility.org


The project is supported by K2 Contemporary Art Center, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.
Special thanks to Ayşegül Kurtel and Selin Demirhan from K2. The whole project is organized within the framework of K2’s guest studio program.

[Published September 9, 2011]



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At some point,
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