DAIRE or Breathe in the AiR

SCCA-Ljubljana is a partner in the project DAIRE: networking and »Artist in Residence« programme in Turkey

Open Studio Izmir, 2011, photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive and K2 Contemporary Art Association

The project Creating a Network Among CSOs and Public Institutions Through “Artist in Residence” Programme aims to build capacities of CSOs in the field of art by enhancing good cooperation among them in order to provide their involvement in policy-making and decision making processes among public institutions and CSOs in Turkey.  The main coordinator is K2 Contemporary Art Association from Izmir in partnership with NomadMind Association (Izmir), Troya Culture Association (Çanakkale), SCCA-Ljubljana and Hatay Metropolitan Municipality.  K2 Contemporary Art Association has identified three activity clusters as specific objectives to be attained though this project: Capacity Building activities for an enabling environment to establish a residency network among CSOs operating in the field of art and Public Sector in Turkey; Raising awareness and strengthening cooperation of artists, public institutions, CSOs and university students as well as academics in 9 cities of Turkey to provide their effective participation in public decision-making processes; Developing Internal and External Cooperation for a participatory governance at local level and a better institutional capacity for CSOs.

Main activities of the project will be amongst others one day workshops in 9 provinces in Turkey (one in each province) on various topics related to “contemporary art” and “artist in residence ”; art trainings and residence trainings; meetings with provincial culture and tourism directorates, public institutions, municipalities and universities; matching up artists; site visit to SCCA-Ljubljana in order to observe and discuss “artist in residence” implementation system in Slovenia and Turkey … A book will be prepared and published as a guideline.

Project is supported by EU and The Republic of Turkey within the CSO Partnerships and Networks on Strengthening Cooperation Between Public Sector and CSOs Grant Scheme (CSPN).

History of SCCA-Ljubljana participation in Turkey

The history of our co-operation in Turkey dates back to 2007, when we took part in the SantralIstanbul residency programme. The K2 Association and SCCA-Ljubljana were partners of the interntional project On-AiR (2010-2012). In 2011 we organized the Open Studio at the venues of K2 in Izmir, our former colleague Saša Nabergoj was the guest curator of the triennial PortIzmir 3 (October 2013-June 2014). Last but note least, in 2015 we hosted an artist from Izmir Borga Kantürk in Ljubljana and organised his first solo exhibition in Slovenia.