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Women are coming!
Exhibition of contemporary feminist art from Slovenia

5.-8. 3. 2009
Opening: Thursday, March 5, 2009, at 6 p.m.
Panel discussion: Thursday, March 5, 2009, at 7 p.m.
Project Room SCCA, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Curator, concept: Ana Grobler
Consultancy, coordination: Barbara Borčić, Dušan Dovč
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana
In cooperation with: KUD Mreža

The exhibition project The Women are coming! aspires to the most thorough display of the art production that could be defined as socially engaged and feminist art in Slovenia. It will present artworks (video, photography, painting, collage) and documents of projects and events, beginning from the first feminist artwork made in Slovenia - the statue The Women are coming! by Duba Sambolec (1976).

Antea Arizanović, Eclipse, Sara Filipovič, Ana Grobler, Andreja Gomišček, Leonora Jakovljević - Mark, Meta Krese, Aprilija Lužar, Sladjana Mitrović, Tadej Pogačar, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Duba Sambolec, Zvonka Simčič, Nataša Skušek, Maja Slavec, Alenka Spacal, Urša Vidic, Vita Žgur

The exhibition will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

The panel discussion will focus on the history of feminist art and its current position, highlighting the Slovene scene and its connection with feminist movement.

Speakers: Aprilija Lužar, Duba Sambolec, mag. Alenka Spacal, dr. Tanja Mastnak in dr. Nadja Zgonik, mag. Evelin Stermitz

Antea Arizanović, Be My Sponzor
2005-2006, photography, 103 x 100,5 cm

Antea Arizanović, Be my sponzor


Eclipse, Venus Test
1999, performance video documentation, 15'

Photo: Leonora Jakovljević - Mark


Sara Filipovič, Body X
2008, photos of performance, 20 x 29,5 cm

Sara Filipovič Sara Filipovič
Photo: Andreja Goetz


Ana Grobler, Migraine
2007, video, 5'23''

Ana Grobler, Migraine


Andreja Gomišček, Fisting
2008, mixed technique (tempera, collage), 70 x 120 cm

Andreja Gomišček, Fisting


Leonora Jakovljević - Mark, Metamorphosis
1997, photo of performance

Leonora Jakovljević - Mark, Metamorfoza
Foto: Igor Andjelić


Meta Krese, When Life Ends at 45
2003, photography, 50 x 70 cm

Meta Krese


Aprilija Lužar, Taxi Art, 2m2 Money Masterbation
2006, video installation (painting, video 46'46'')

Aprilija Lužar, Taxi Art, 2m2 denarja Master-bation


Sladjana Mitrović, Skin Special
2006, video, 2'56''

Sladjana Mitrović, Koža Special


Tadej Pogačar, Monapoly - A Human Trade Game
2004, object



Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Public Session
2001, scenes from video, 22'10''

Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Public SessionMarija Mojca Pungerčar, Public SessionMarija Mojca Pungerčar, Public Session
Published with artist's permission.

Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Singer, In Search of Closed Textile Factories in Slovenia
2003, newsletter, 8 pages

Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Singer, In Search of Closed Textile Factories in Slovenia

Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Singer, In Search of Closed Textile Factories in Slovenia
2003, sound recording, 7'57''

Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Singer, In Search of Closed Textile Factories in Slovenia


Duba Sambolec, Women Are Coming!, appr. 1976
photography of the sculpture, 21 x 21 cm

Duba Sambolec, Ženske prihajajo
Photo reproduction from Photo Archive of
Museum of Moder Art Ljubljana published
with permission.

Duba Sambolec, Conversion NoHomeVideosC
2000, video performance, 12'
Performers: Pernilla Edholm, Duba Sambolec

Duba Sambolec, Conversion NoHomeVideosCDuba Sambolec, Conversion NoHomeVideosC


Zvonka Simčič, Doulas / ad utero ab ovo
2007, video, 5'
Production: Zavod CCC, 2007, Ljubljana

Zvonka Simčič, Doulas / ad utero ab ovoZvonka Simčič, Doulas / ad utero ab ovoZvonka Simčič, Doulas / ad utero ab ovo


Nataša Skušek, Fliperautomat
2005, video, 2'46''

Nataša Skušek, Fliperautomat


Maja Slavec, Women Beauty Power Less
2008, performance video documentation, 4'40''

Maja Slavec, Women Beauty Power Less Maja Slavec, Women Beauty Power Less


Alenka Spacal, Autoportrets
2003-2005, oil on kitchen cloth, appr. 46 x 70 cm

Alenka Spacal, Avtoportreti


Urša Vidic, No Mans Land
2006, oil on canvas, 47 x 62 cm

Urša Vidic, No mans land


Vita Žgur, Abortus
2005, video, 5'35'

Vita Žgur, Abortus

The project is a result of theoretical conclusions, written by Ana Grobler in her diploma workentitled Feminist Art in Slovenia. Influences of Women Groups, Movements and Social Environment (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana 2008) that presents a comprehensive record of feminist artworks created in Slovenia and is soon to be published in a book by Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana.



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in some place

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21 Dec. 2017, 10.30pm

Slovenian Cinematheque
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Contemporary art
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Focus: curatorial practices and media & video art

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Zavod SCCA-Ljubljana
, Metelkova 6, SI - 1000 Ljubljana,
Tel.: +386 (0)1 431 83 85, Fax: +386 (0)1 430 06 29 e-mail: info@scca-ljubljana.si