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PUBLICATIONS (1994-2005)

The publishing program of the SCCA-Ljubljana presents an important contribution to theory and practice in the field of contemporary arts and is in addition connected to the programs and projects of the center.

Neki piše Somethin’s Written
Exhibition catalogue 
Published by: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2017
Editors: Miha Kelemina and Lara Plavčak
Texts: Lara Plavčak, curatorial introduction
Urška Aplinc, Maja Burja, Anabel Černohorski, Nika Ham, Ajda Ana Kocutar and Iza Pevec, descriptions of artworks
Ajda Ana Kocutar, interviews with the artists
Design: Nevena Aleksovski
Visual materials
Curricula Vitae: Bojan Mijatović, Horrid Habits, Leon Zuodar, Maks Bricelj, Mina Fina, Nevena Aleksovski
In Slovene language
Limited edition: 120
More about the exhibition

Osebno/Personal, cataloguePersonal
Exhibition catalogue 
Published by: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2016
Editors: Petra Bole & Katarina Stopar
Texts: Petra Bole, Nina Jesih, Zala Kurinčič, Hana Ostan Ožbolt, Mojca Sfiligoj and Katarina Stopar
Visual materials
Curricula Vitae
In Slovene and English language
More about the exhibition
Available online

Catalogue/Zine Day by DayCatalogue/Zine Day by Day
Exhibition catalogue 
Published by: Beli sladoled books & zines
Editors: Neža Jurman & Leon Zuodar
Texts: Saša Nabergoj & Simona Žvanut
Visual materials
Curricula Vitae
In Slovene and English language
More about the exhibition
Free of charge


Borga Kantürk: Memory Research Office: Collect.Cut.Create.Re-create. Exhibition BookBorga Kantürk: Memory Research Office: Collect.Cut.Create.Re-create. Exhibition Book
Exhibition catalogue 
Published by: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2016
Editors: Saša Nabergoj & Simona Žvanut
Texts: Saša Nabergoj & Simona Žvanut, Borga Kantürk: Memory Research Office: Collect. Cut. Create. Re-Create; Miha Poljak, Hana Ostan Ožbolt, Maruša Meglič, Petra Bole, Jerko Gluščević, Aljaž Plos, Nina Jesih, Rumeysa Kiger
Visual materials
Curriculum Vitae
In English language
More about the exhibition
Available online

4. 4.4. 4.
Exhibition catalogue
Published by: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2013
Editor: Mihael Kelemina
Nina Skumavc & Maja Alibegović: Freedom, Equality and Curators. From Rookies to a Gang of Curators, Jasna Jernejšek: Habemus Curatorem, Lenka Đorojević: 4. 4., Mihael Kelemina: 4. 4./2, Maja Antončič: Re?generation of Relations, Denis Volk: What Little Johnny Boy Learns, Johnny Knows!
Visual material & Artist’s statements
Interviews with Artists (in Slovene only)
Curricula Vitae
In Slovene and English language
More info
Price: 5,00 EUR

4. 4.From Consideration to Commitment: Art in Critical Confrontation to Society (Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje, Zagreb: 1990-2010)
E-publication, 2011

E-publication explores practices of critical contemporary fine arts – practices of research, progressive and experimental actions by
contemporary fine artists from the 1990s to the present, in four countries in the region – Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Published by: SEEcult.org in cooperation with ForumSkopje, Kulturpunkt (The Association of NGOs  Klubtura & Kurziv – Platform for Matters of Culture, Media and Society), SCCA, Centre for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana / Artservis
Editorial board: Dušan Dovč, Vesna Milosavljević, Jasna Soptrajanova and Dea Vidović
Texts and intervievs: Jasna Jakšić – in cooperation with: Tihana Bertek, Maja Gujinović, Ana Kovačić, Srđan Latreza, Petra Novak, Tina Novak, Tamara Sertić and Leda Sutlović (Croatia); Nebojša Vilić (Macedonia); Miha Colner and Nika Grabar (Slovenia); Vesna Tašić – in cooperation with: Vesna Milosavljević and Miroljub Marjanović (Serbia)
611 p., visual materials, content in English, in addition to the local languages (Croatia, Macedonian, Serbian and Slovenian).
More about the project
E-publication (pdf)

World of Art

bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm
Slovene & English

World of Art - School of Contemporary Arts: seminar for writing, series of public lectures & course for curators with concluding exhibition.

World of Art. Years 7–14, 2012.
Dilemmas of curatorial practices
Published by: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2012
Editors: Saša Nabergoj, Barbara Borčić
Editors assistant: Simona Žvanut
184 Pages (Slovene/English Edition)
Curatorial and Institutional Strategies (lectures/texts, conversations, reflections)
Selection of texts 2007–2012:
Pau Cata: Theory as Practice: Creative Research on CeRCCa’s Local Context, Sønke Gau and Katharina Schlieben: Marginalised Artistic Practices and Self-Organisation: 'Work to do! Self-Organisation in Precarious Working Conditions', Angela Harutyunyan: Apart We Are Together: Topographical Curating, Petra Kapš: Lete ali Mnemozina za fu-(turo) OR kot omniprisotna trojnost: poiesis, tehné, parrhesia (in Slovene only), Dorothee Richter: Artists and Curators as Authors – Competitors, Collaborators, or Teamworkers?, Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja: What Comes After the Show? On Post-representational Curating, Andrzej Szczerski: Curating and the Importance of Artwork, Saša Nabergoj: We are Interested in Ways of Working Based on Local Needs (conversation: Petja Grafenauer), Dorothee Richter: Some Aspect of a Future Curatorial Education and the Development of the Field of Curating and Art Mediation, Clementine Deliss: Curator is the One who Generates Ideas in Collaboration with Artists (conversation: Saša Nabergoj), Petja Grafenauer: That’s What LabSUs Meant to me, Petja Grafenauer: The Significance of Inter-regional Integration for Curatorial Practices.
From the Workshops Archive: Eda Čufer: The Interview as a Tool, Suzana Milevska: Voice(s) of One’s Own: Writing a Catalogue Text as a Specific Genre of Interdisciplinary and Performative Writing, Round table: Curatorial Practices in Slovenia (in Slovene only), Sandra Belšak: Pretty Dirty, Iva Kovač: Iconoclasm or the Absolution of Visual Pleasure, Lara Plavčak: Around the World of Art in 4.380 Days.
World of Art. Years 1997–2012: Documentation
Press clipping
Price: 20,00 EUR

World of Art. Strategies of Presentations 2 & 3 (with a catalogue of exhibition Camera Lucida and Fade In Fade Out). Almanac, double issue.
Published by SCCA-Ljubljana, 2004
Editors: Barbara Borčić, Saša Nabergoj
Slovene/English Edition
Texts and conversations with authors (Eda Čufer et al.): Boris Buden: Through Art Towards New Defeats: the Austrian Case;Anne Cartel, David Dronet: Multimedia Cultural Centre Station Mir; Charles Esche: The Possibility Forum - Institutional Change and Modest Proposals; Daniel Jewesbury: Scopo; Tadej Pogačar: This Is What You Want ?This Is What You Get; Donatella Ruttar, Moreno Miorelli: Postaja Topolove / Stazione di Topolo; Nevenka Šivavec: The Lure of the Local; Conversations with lecturers: A Conversation with D. Dronet (Urška Jurman); A Conversation with D. Jewesbury; (Nevenka Šivavec); A Conversation with T. Pogačar(Tanja Mastnak); A Conversation with D. Ruttar and M. Miorelli (Saša Nabergoj); A Conversation with N. Šivavec (Alenka Pirman); A Conversation with ŠKART (Aleksandra Mirčić, Vladimir Tupanjac, Barbara Borčić).
Price: 20,00 EUR

World of Art. Strategies of Presentations. Almanac
Published by SCCA-Ljubljana, 2002
Slovene/English Edition
Texts by Clémentine Deliss: Metronom: Curatorial Practice and Research; Branislav Dimitrijević: The Grand Compromise: On Examples of the Use of Political References in Serbian Art of the 90's, and its Historical Background; EURovision2000 (Marion von Osten, Peter Spillman in Susanna Perin): EURovision of the World of Art; Mike Hentz: Translation; Marko Košnik: Abstraction and Action; Oliver Marchart: Political Strategies as Artistic Strategies: The Use of Multiple Names; Olesya Turkina: St. Petersburg's Neo-academism. Revival of the Great Story; Miha Zadnikar: Reconstructing Subculture.
Price: 15,00 EUR

World of Art. Geopolitics and Art. Almanac
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1999
Slovene/English Edition
Texts by Charles Harrison: The Merits of Incompetence; Jaroslav Andel: Art's shifting Grounds: The Case of Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic; Calin Dan: Geography of Doom. An Estimate of Possibilities; Irwin: Eastern Modernism - Three Exhibitions, Three Projects, Four Books; Dušan Rutar: Digital Aesthetics, global Images and Ethics of New Tribalism; Edi Muka: Permanent Instability; Marko Peljhan: Strategies of Minimal Resistance - Analysis of Tactical Work in the Surveillance Society.
Price: 12,00 EUR

World of Art. Theories of Display. Almanac - sold out
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1998
Slovene/English Edition
Texts by Stephen Bann, Display Across the Ages; Ute Meta Bauer, Do-It-Yourself: Exhibitions by Artists during the 20th Century; Nadja Zgonik, The Role of National Identity Research in Theories of Display in Slovenia: Between Past and Present, Konstantin Akinsha, Notes on the Underground; Tadej Pogačar, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art and New Parasitism; Igor Zabel, Exhibition Strategies in the Nineties: A Few Examples from Slovenia; Vuk Ćosić, Net.Art, the Text.

An occassional publicaton for contemporary arts

Editors: Barbara Borčić, Urška Jurman
bw print, format 20,7 x 24,8 cm
Slovene, English, Croatian, Serbian

PlatfromaSCCA, the magazine of SCCA-Ljubljana, is focused on the themes that would contribute considerably to the understanding of the contemporary art practice and its context. Apart from providing the information on the centre’s activities, we publish original texts and translations from the fields of art theory, critical theory and art criticism. With the special section entitled Open Scene we wish to stimulate also writers from the younger not yet experienced generation, to offer us their contributions.
PlatfromaSCCA is published in Slovene/English language.

PlatformaSCCA No. 4 (September 2005)
Theme: What is to be done with "Balkan art"?
Robert Alagjozovski, Barbara Borčić & Urška Jurman: Introduction; Branka Stipančić: Balkanian, Atten-tion!; Nebojša Jovanović: Balkan Revamp(iris)ed: Good-buy, Mr. Harker! Welcome aboard, Mr. bauMax!; Suzana Milevska: Four Patches for the World Game: Game Theory and Art Practice in the Balkans; Miško Šuvaković: Bio-Political Interpretation of Open Potentiality of Balkan Art or A Temporary Realisation of European Identities Through Concrete Curatorial Tactics; Alen Ožbolt: Efficient Global Cleansing; Erden Kosova: A Conversation with Vasif Kortun; Robert Alagjozovski, Barbara Borčić & Urška Jurman: Interviews with Viktor Misiano, Igor Zabel, Eda Čufer; Raša Todosijević; What is to Be Done With 'Balkan art'? – a panel discussion (Ljubljana, 2003); Abstracts from the panel discussion: Mitja Velikonja, Igor Zabel, Rastko Močnik, Borut Vogelnik.
Price: 5,84 EUR


PlatformaSCCA No. 3 (January 2002)
Novelties from the SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana programmes; Urša Jurman: Out of Our Backyard; Miško Šuvaković: The Ideology of the Exhibition; Lev Kreft: The Avant-Garde is Mainstream; Nataša Ilić & Dejan Kršić: Political Practices of Art; Bogdan Lešnik: Fragments on Theory and Ideology; Rastko Močnik: ...About the Art; Interview with Suzana Milevska conducted by Ivanka Apostolova; Igor Zabel: Art and Quality.
Price: 8,35 EUR

PlatformaSCCA No. 2 (January 2002)
sold out
Theme: Research project Manifesta in Our Backyard II
Texts: Barbara Borčić & Urša Jurman: Foreword; Eda Čufer: Reflections on Manifesta 3; Urša Jurman & Sabina Salamon: Interview with Viktor Misiano; Urša Jurman: Interview with Ole Bouman; Miško Šuvakovič: Critical Phenomenology of Atwork: The Status, the Functions and the Effects of the Artwork at Manifesta 3; Igor Španjol: Manifesta in the living room; Marjetica Potrč: Artist as Reports: Documentary videos at Manifesta 3; Alenka Pirman: Diligent in time and space; Open Scene: Maša Gedrih, Petja Grafenauer, Sandra Sajovic, Andreja Slavec, Ivanka Apostolova.


PlatformaSCCA No. 1 (2000) - sold out
Theme: Research project Manifesta in Our Backyard I
Texts: Barbara Borčić: Manifesta 3 in relation to the host city of Ljubljana and its contemporary art scene, Urška Jurman: Research project Manifesta in Our Backyard, Miško Šuvaković: Status and priorities. A pre-consideration for Manifesta 3.
Interviews with: Tadej Pogačar, Jurij Krpan, Gregor Podnar, Igor Zabel, Jeanne van Heeswijk (Wapke Feenstra)


Videodokument : Video production in Slovenia 1969-1997

Catalogue, book of essays, and CD-rom
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), May 2000

Archive and documentary material - a coprehensive collection of the available documentation on video production (authors, works, CV, bibliography...) and the related activities.
Artists: Vuk Ćosić, Nuša and Srečo Dragan, Nuša Dragan, Srečo Dragan, Jasna Hribernik, Marko Košnik, Marko A.Kovačič, Ema Kugler, Andrej Lupinc - Keller, Marijan Osole - Max, Marko Peljhan, Sašo Podgoršek, Nataša Prosenc, Rok Sieberer - Kuri, Mirko Simić, Apolonija Šušteršič, Peter Vezjak - Retrovizija, Miha Vipotnik, Sašo Vrabič, Andrej Zdravič, ZANK - Zemira Alajbegović and Neven Korda.


Forms part of the catalogue. Printed in a smaller format, with separate Slovene and English version. The selected texts give an insight view on video production in Slovenia in different contexts (its beginnings within the conceptual work of the OHO group; exploration of the video as a new medium or a new communication and information technology; its impact within the alternative scene; the emergence of the complex art video works), or in relation to the television and other art fields (film, fine arts, theatre).

Texts by: Barbara Borčić: Introduction: Reception of Video Production in Slovenia; Brane Kovič: The Beginnings of Slovene Video: Prolegomena to ‘War of Signs’’; Zemira Alajbegović: The Frozen Time ? The Eighties, ŠKUC -Forum, FV Video and Others; Bogdan Lešnik: Video and the ‘Alternative Cultural Scene’ in the 80’s in Slovenia; Majda Širca: The Futurists; Nerina Kocjančič: The Nineties: from Video Genres to New Media; Melita Zajc: Video Production in Slovenia Prior to 1969: The Early Uses of Direct Broadcasting and of Video Recording on Ljubljana TV: a Look Into the Human Heart and the First Music Videos; Biljana Tomić: East of Eden: The History of Video in Yugoslavia; Zemira Alajbegović & Igor Španjol: In the Technological Grip of a Television Station: Interview with Miha Vipotnik; Nadja Zgonik: Video Conquering the Space; Koen van Daele: Dance - Video, aller-retour; Maja Breznik: Theatre in the Age of its Technical Reproducibility; Igor Španjol: Art Evening: Presentation and Production of Art Video on Television.


A supplement to catalogue. Includes an extended interactive version of the catalogue and home page from the Internet (abundant visual material, clips from the video works, selections by topics, authors...).

Catalogue: sold out
Book of Essays: 12,52 EUR
CD-ROM: 16,69 EUR

Urbanaria, Part One - sold out
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1994
Edited by Lilijana Stepančič
140 pages, bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm
Slovene/English Edition
Texts Lilijana Stepančič: Urbanaria: Part One. Documents/Sketches of the Production Process; Marina Gržinić: Strategies of Virtualization of the City; Victor Misiano: From Urbs Repressivum to Urbs Paranoicum; Conversation between Paul Virilio and Hans-Ulrich Obrist; Braco Rotar: Trigonometry and Planification: a Utopian Point of View.
Catalogue Urbanaria, Part One, offers documents on 46 proposals on the art in urban context exhibition. The catalogue accompanied the exhibition held in National University Library in Ljubljana in 1994.

Urbanaria, Part Two
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1997
Edited by Lilijana Stepančič
104 pages, bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm
Slovene/English Edition
Texts Melita Zajc, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. On Art and Knowledge of Contemporary Bodies and Spaces; Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Interview with Paul Virilio and Interview with Massimo Cacciari.
Catalogue Urbanaria, Part Two, offers a theoretical reflection on the Urbanaria project which was realized by SCCA-Ljubljana in 1994-97. The project dealt with art in the urban context. An international jury selected 14 projects by the following artists: Vuk Ćosić and Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, Maja Gspan Vičič and Petra Varl, Irwin, Marko A. Kovačič, Novi Kolektivizem, Mreža za Metelkovo and Retina, Marko Peljhan, Alenka Pirman, Tadej Pogačar, Marjetica Potrč, Nataša Prosenc, Nika Špan, Metod Vidic and Rajko Vidrih. Aleksander Brenner from Russia was invited as a guest.
Texts on projects were written by Andrej Kovalev, Lela B. Njatin, Zoja Skušek, Đurđa Otržan, Rastko Močnik, Marko Hren, Borut Brumen, Eda Čufer, Yuri Leiderman, Laura Mc Gough, Tomislav Vignjević, Goran Tomčić, Aleksandra Bašić and Miha Zadnikar.
Price: 16,69 EUR

Articae Horulae. Alenka Pirman - sold out
Published by Zavod za domače raziskave, 1997
91 pages, bw print

Dictionary of words borrowed from German in Slovene language. It was an accopaniment to Urbanaria, Part Two catalogue. The public presentation of a collection of words took place in the National and University Library in Ljubljana in 1995. The archive of the project and on-line publication on:

Media in Media - sold out
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1997
Edited by Barbara Borčić, Vanesa Cvahte, Lilijana Stepančič
169 pages, bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm
Slovene/English Edition
Media in Media was an international exhibition project which presented artistic concepts focusing on mass media, their function, psycho-social and ideological effects, and aesthetic qualities. On equal level it presented different artistic media, such as video, ambient, installation, photography, avant-garde film and the Internet.

Texts Lilijana Stepančič: Introduction; Vanesa Cvahte: Media in Media; Melita Zajc: Fast Cars, Hard Sounds. Media in Media or the Unberable Closeness of Distance.
Exhibition (9.–30. 1. 1997, City Gallery Ljubljana):
Benjamin H. D. Buchloh: Allegorical Procedures / Dara Birnbaum, POP-POP-VIDEO: General Hospital/Olympic Women Speed Skating, video, 1980; Primož Lampič: Factographies / Dragomil Bole, Factographies, photography, 1992-96; Michael Brodsky: Transmission Interrupted / Michael Brodsky, Transmission Interrupted, screen shots, 1991-95; Andreas Spiegl: B/W / Rosa Brueckl, Gregor Schmoll, Black and White, video installation 1996; Franz Niegelhell: Mediation Image / Veronika Dreier, Meditation Image, duraflex-print, 1994; Marina Gržinić, Aina Šmid: The Moments of Decision, video, 1985; Thomas Korschil: Gulf Watch, video and audio installation, 1991-96; Bogdan Lešnik: Visions of Ordinary Life / Marko A. Kovačič, The Prophecy of Zeus, ambiance, 1989-1991; Tomislav Vignjevič: Concealed Fact / Damijan Kracina, Kracina TV, installation, 1995; Nada beroš: Scanned Reality / Dalibor Martinis, Image is Virus, video, 1983; Nadja Rottner: A Comparison / Hans-Jörg Mayer, Untitled, paintings, 1994; Mathias Michalka: A Rupture / Peter Weibel, TV and VT Works 1969-1972 (Selection: The Endless Sandwitch, TV NEWS (TV TOD II), TV - Poem).
Internet Projects
Vuk Čosić: A Day in the Life of a Net.artist; Peter G. Hoffman: The Internet Beggar.
TV Clips
Marko Rogač: Uršula Seeks Her Price (Irwin, Uršula Noordung); Herbert I. Schiller: The Park of Culture (Marko Peljhan, Project Atol).
Avant-Garde Films
Thomas Korschil: Out of the Archive (Bruce Conner, Report; Ken Jacobs, Perfect Film; Peter Tscherkassky, Shot-Countershot; Matthias Müller, Home Stories, Martin Arnold, Passage a l'acte)

Suppressed Art. Almanac (only in Slovene)
Published by: OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1999
bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm
A research project on the reception and evaluation of Slovene Modern art was concluded with the history of art symposium in the Mozej novejše zgodovine on Decembre 3, 1998. The publication comprises the proceedings and discussion from the symposium.
Texts are available only in Slovene.
Texts by Jure Mikuž: Slovenska umetnost med artes mehanicae in artes liberales, Andrej Smrekar: Wolfova oporoka, Sergej Kapus: Govor mita, Tanja Mastnak: Stereotipska ženskost, modernizem in
Ivana Kobilca, Beti Žerovc: Vesna ob izviru umetnosti, Iztok Durjava: Slovenski impresionizem v luči polemike 1948-1949 in pogled v zgodovino, Tomislav Vignjevič: Med nasprotovanjem in kontradikcijo. O štirih slovenskih spomenikih
Price: 12,52 EUR (only in Slovene)

Salty Past. Aleksander Macijauskas, Antanas Sutkus
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1997

Edited by Lilijana Stepančič
80 pages, bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm
Slovene/English Edition
Text by Raminta Jurenaite
Catalogue of the exhibition by two Lithuanian photographers in Slovenia. High quality bw reproductions representing the most significant work of their oeuvres (1969-1989).
Price: 8,35 EUR

Artservis [www.artservis.org]
A web-based information resource for artists, theorists and cultural managers who operate in Slovenia and abroad. It offers free information on relevant (inter)national funding sources and opportunities for co-operation and education as well as advice for various tasks in the field of contemporary arts and culture.

Evrokultura [www.evrokultura.org]
A web-based information resource for Slovene cultural operators providing information on the EU funding programmes, commented links to other informative websites, articles on good practice in Slovenia and news in the field of culture and the EU.


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