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Video Turn
Experimental Research & Exhibition Project
(Installations, Screenings, Performances, Lectures, Workshop)

Neven Korda: Dominant Black
Installation and Performances

Home (J. Petkovšek)
Miha Vipotnik in cooperation with Sergej Kapus and the students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Continuous Workshop, Mise-en-scene, Sequence

13.–29. 11. 2012
Vžigalica Gallery, Trg franc. revolucije 7, Ljubljana
Opening: Tuesday, 13th of November 2012 at 8 pm

Video obrat, vabilo

Invitation (pdf)


With the research and exhibition project Video Turn we wish to investigate and present the experimental (video, multi-disciplinary, new media) art practice and thereby also actualize the DIVA Station video archive, on the basis of which our research has initially begun. What is then the experimental and structural practice within a certain medium or within particular means of expression? What demonstrates creative and experimental use of technology? What are the methods, techniques, processes and characteristics of artistic language at the turn from the analogue to the digital, from the magnetic tape to a computer disk, from the single channel to the multi-media and new-media projects? In the desire to reverse the dominant discourse on modern video and media artworks, that is favouring a theme, story or context, we focus on a specific media language and artistic expressions characterised by a different approach. We are developing the project together with the artists, that we have chosen on the basis of their longstanding work and activities in the field of experimental new media practices. In addition to research, interviews and texts we also prepared a series of public and closed lectures, screenings, workshops, performances and installations by Neven Korda, Marko Košnik and Miha Vipotnik from January till today. Active involvement of the researchers by means of writing and publishing texts and notes in the project's blog was a gesture to establish an equivalent responsibility for the formulation of statements; that researchers formulate in words and artists in the audiovisual field.


The exhibition is going to be realised by Neven Korda and Miha Vipotnik. From very early on, both have detected the potential in media practices, by which they actively intervened in the public sphere: Vipotnik already in the 70s on the television, at video festivals, and galleries; Korda, in the 80s in the context of club culture and media events. Both are concerned with preservation of their own work and would quite often include fragments of past works in their recent projects in order to comment on their attitude towards new technologies, methodologies of work, and communication with the public. In their work, they often collaborate with other artists and act as initiators and organizer of group projects.

Neven Korda: Dominant Black

Neven Korda

How to aestheticize 56 cubic meters of white space? Neven Korda is going to construct a space of "Pure Video" with signals control and screening procedures on the basis of "Do-It-Yourself" principles. The space is going to be composed of layering and fragmentation of the scenes and views with feedback loops, diagrams, and narration by self-referencing in the sense of composition and decomposition of the history of personal production after 2001. He is going to likewise manipulate the video works, as well as documentations of performance and raw footages. He is going to construct a video installation entitled Dominant black and a workshop environment in the frame of which he is going to stage performances and lectures on his own artistic processes and references, also reflecting on current artistic practice and its conditions of production. Korda is going to enact several performances – agitation, lecturer, radio, emotional-educational, and theatre performance. Towards the very end of the exhibition he is going to attempt to bring items of Home to the Dominant Black.


Home (J. Petkovšek)
Miha Vipotnik in cooperation with Sergej Kapus and the students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Miha Vipotnik & J. Petkovšek

The leitmotiv of Vipotnik's installation is a classical Slovenian painting Home (1889) by Jožef Petkovšek which intrigues him as an unfinished image that directly address the issue of experimentation and modification, as well as for the possibility of actualization of the painting as a sequence from the artist's life, that is burdened by Slovenian "home" and the social climate in this cultural environment which is constantly excluding the artists from the system. He had designed a plan for production of a mimetic picture in the form of a moving image. The sequence is going to be developed in cooperation with students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, their mentor, and analyst of Petkovšek's work Sergej Kapus, and a group of selected actors. Together, they are going to enable the site specific events, construct a mise-en-scene for processes and games. They are going to record and edit a single sequence in a series of variations, and the entire space is going to become the home and social environment for everybody. Vipotnik is also going to paste convex eyehole with lenses and gaps onto the gallery windows, in order to choreograph an external view of the spectators into the constantly changing space inside, and establish the difference between day and night experience.


  • Tuesday, 13 November at 8 pm, Exhibition Opening
    Neven Korda: Dominant Black & Miha Vipotnik: Home
    The initial situation at the gallery is going to be gradually composed and decomposed as a space for construction, performance and interaction.

  • Wednesday, 14 November, from 6 pm, presentations and screenings

    Aspects of Experimental Practices (Graz, Novi Sad)

    • Sandro Droschl (Medienturm, Graz): Edition Medienturm (Klaus Schuster, Lia, Dariusz Kowalski, Karø Goldt, G.R.A.M., Pfaffenbichler / Schreiber, reMI)
    • Sanja Kojić Mladenov (MSUV, Novi Sad): Video Art in Serbia: Experimental-Processual Paradigm (Zoran Todorović, grupa Apsolutno, Vladimir Todorović, Stevan Kojić)

  • 16 till 23 November at 6 pm: Neven Korda: Performances
    • Friday, 16 November at 6 pm: Video Signal, lecture performance
      Sensor. Signal. Electronic Display.
    • Tuesday, 20 November at 6 pm: NW from SE, agitation performance
      Artwork is the object produced by an artist
    • Wednesday, 21 November at 6 pm: The Theatre of One, theatre performance
      Public rehearsal of theatre production Consolidations (production and premiere: Aksioma, 14 December).
    • Thursday, 22 November at 6 pm: Interview, radio performance
      Interview by Miha Colner with Neven Korda for Art Words Magazine.

    • Friday, 23 November at 6 pm: Hommage to An Anthropology of Images, emotional performance
      Recordings from the film The Old and the New on YouTube.

  • 16 till 26 November, workshop
    Miha Vipotnik is going to construct a temporary recording and editing studio in cooperation with the third-year and postgraduate students of the Department for Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana in order to prepare a set for the shooting of a single sequence with the chosen actors.
    Collaborating: Sergej Kapus, asso. prof. (ALUO) and students Gašper Capuder, Živa Drvarič, Nika Ham, Sara Hostnik, Anamari Hrup, Nina Korenjak, Ana Legčevič, Anja Jelovšek, Milena Kafol, Rok Kleva Ivančič, Manja Ključevšek, Lili Anamarija No, Nastja Mezek, Andreja Muha, Iza Pavlina, Sara Peterson, Tjaša Pogačar Podgornik, Mira Resnik, Špela Roblek, Tanja Sabol, Andrej Škufca, Maša Vnuk, David Wratny, Monika Zabret

  • Friday, 16 November, from 12 till 2 pm and Monday, 19 November, from 3 till 5 pm, lecture
    Sergej Kapus, asso. prof. (ALUO): Jožef Petkovšek: Home (actualization)

  • Wednesday, 28 November, at 5 pm onwards, premiere screening of the sequence
    Miha Vipotnik  in collaboration with ALUO students

  • Thursday, 29 November, exhibition closing

  • 12 November till 4 December
    A workshop for analysis and writing of a text about the experimental project Video Turn is going to take place in parallel with the exhibition in the framework of World of Art, School for Curators of Contemporary Art under the mentorship of Petja Grafenauer.



Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana (MGML), Vžigalica Gallery
Gosposka ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am till 10 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Center for Contemporary Arts, SCCA-Ljubljana
Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 (0) 1 431 83 85
W: www.scca-ljubljana.si
E: info@scca-ljubljana.si

Concept and realisation of the project:
Barbara Borčić, Miha Colner, Dušan Dovč, Ida Hiršenfelder, Andrej Pezelj (DIVA Station) in cooperation with the artists Neven Korda, Miha Vipotnik as well as with Daniel A. Rodriges Correia and other collaborators.

The project is supported by: Erste Stiftung, Mestna občina Ljubljana, Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost, kulturo in šport RS

Acknowledgements: Center projekcije, Ljubljana Academy for Fine Arts and Design, Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Drama, LaLaLand, Palspro, Videoprodukcija Kregar

[Published November 3, 2012]



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