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Studio 6
Studio 6Words as Colours, Colours as Words*
Main Days of Poetry and Wine 2015
festival exhibition

2629 August 2015
Old Glassware Workshop, Ptuj
Opening hours: 11 a. m. – 9 p. m.

Srečko Kosovel, Leteča ladja
Srečko Kosovel, Leteča ladja, collage, 1926
(By courtesy of National and University Library of Slovenia, Ljubljana)

Artists: Maja Burja, Avgust Černigoj, Primož Čučnik & Gregor Podlogar & Žiga Kariž, Matjaž Hanžek, Andrej Hočevar & Jaka Železnikar, Alenka Pirman, Srečko Kosovel, Anton Podbevšek, Zoran Srdić Janežič, Valérie Wolf Gang

Curators: Dušan Dovč, Mihael Kelemina, Simona Žvanut
Exhibition design: Vesna Bukovec
Advisor: Saša Nabergoj

Opening: Wednesday, 26 August 2015, at midnight

Lecture: Dušan Dovč, Missing Poem is a Poem,
Saturday, 29 August 2015, at 6 p. m.
, Old Glassware Workshop

On behalf of the invitation of Beletrina Academic Press publishing house is Studio 6 team in 2015 preparing two events that examine the relationship between artistic expression in visual arts and in words, and which can be placed among research projects that transcend the boundaries of a single art form. Both events will be part of Days of Poetry and Wine 2015 festival programme.

On 24 August 2015, in the framework of the Evenings before the Days, a documentary presentation of the poetry and visual project Ode on Manhattan Avenue (Čučnik, Podlogar, Kariž) was held in the SCCA Project Room (Metelkova 6, Ljubljana). The authors, poet Primož Čučnik and visual artist Žiga Kariž discussed the project with Dušan Dovč, explaining its background, the impulses behind its creation, its conclusion and potential future impact, as well as their great amazement at New York City, where the poetry published in Ode on Manhattan Avenue was created. The discussion in the Project Room will be accompanied by a presentation of conserved documentary materials that were created at a series of readings, as well as by audio-visual recordings made in Ljubljana and on a tour of the United States.

Two days later, on 26 August 2015, we will prepare the main festival exhibition Words as Colours, Colours as Words* in Ptuj's Old Glassware Workshop. Exhibition will be conceptualised by thinking of the festival's poetry programme and events – as well as the city of Ptuj as the host. Authors who have on the one hand searched for visual value in words or on the other hand space for words on the canvas will present themselves. The exhibition will, in three complete sections, offer a selection of quotes from the manifestos of visual and literary artists, which will initiatively lead visitors through the history of experimenting with form and word; it will present artists of the Slovenian avant-garde, a reference for both Slovenian visual and literary creativity; and it will be concluded with artistic works and multimedia installations by contemporary artists.

On Saturday, 29 August, at 18.00, when the festival draws to an end and the exhibition closes its doors, Dušan Dovč will hold a lecture Missing Poem is a Poem on visual poetry and poetic texts aimed more at viewing than reading.



Words as Colours, Colours as Words

Production: SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts  Ljubljana
Coproduction: Beletrina Academic Press

SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana, Beletrina Academic Press, Days of Poetry and Wine 2015 festival, Ptuj

Supported by: Ljubljana Municipality, Department for culture, Lipica Stud Farm (www.lipica.org), LESTRA d. o. o./Center Projekcije, TELEING d. o. o., Association of Cultural Societies of Ptuj, National and University Library

Ljubljana Municipality, Department for culture, Lipica Stud Farm (www.lipica.org), LESTRA d. o. o./Center Projekcije, TELEING d. o. o., Association of Cultural Societies of Ptuj, National and University Library

Thanks: Alkatraz Gallery, Nejc Bedrač, Miloš Bašin (MGML), Branka Bezeljak, Iva Ferlinc (JSKD, Ptuj), Jure Gorjanc (LESTRA), Luka Hribar, Drago Kelemina, Davor Kernel (Regional museum Goriški muzej), Matej Kranjc, dr. Peter Krečič, Tomaž Kučer (MG+MSUM), Andreja Šenk Brce (Lipica Stud Farm), Breda Škrjanec (MGLC), Milan Štupar (NUK), Staš Vrenko

*from the poem ‘’The Principle’’, Ode on Manhattan Avenue, Čučnik, Podlogar, Kariž, 2003

[Published August 24, 2015]



In Focus

At some point,
in some place

(video screening from
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21 Dec. 2017, 10.30pm

Slovenian Cinematheque
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