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What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"?
research project (2002-2005)

Initiating and working group: Robert Alagjozovski, Barbara Borčić in Urška Jurman (editors of PlatformaSCCA)
Production: Center for Contemporary Arts SCCA-Ljubljana

Editors of the PlatformaSCCA initiated together with SCCA team the research project What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"? to reflect and analyse the intense interest of the international art system during last years in the (re)invention and (re)definition of the Balkans and "Balkan art".

The project consists of a thematic publication, two public debates, project presentations and study trips of editors to Ljubljana, Belgrade, Skopje, Sofia and to major exhibitions and events covering contemporary arts in the Balkan Region.

PlatformaSCCA, No.4, 2005
A thematic publication with focus
What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"?

The selection of texts and interviews from the fourth issue of PlatformaSCCA entitled ťWhat Is to Be Done with 'Balkan Art'?Ť was also published in the 70th issue of Margina, the review for integration and differences issued in Skopje, Macedonia by Templum Press. The selection was prepared by Robert Alagjozovski, the guest co-editor of the fourth issue of PlatformaSCCA, as well as the member of the Editorial Board of Margina.


A panel discussion What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"?
December 15, 2003, Cyberpipe, Ljubljana

As the first public event in the frame of What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"? research project, the Center for Contemporary Arts SCCA-Ljubljana has organized a panel discussion. The subject of the discussion was introduced by the initial questions of the research project concerning the correlation of art with ideology, politics and economy, which we proposed to the invited speakers.

What do we mean, understand and presume when we speak about the Balkans, and especially, about the so-called Balkan art? What are the connotations and criteria used to identify certain art practice and production as specific for "Balkan art"? What was the response in the Balkan region to an increasing interest in the arts and culture coming from the Balkans, which we can discern in Western Europe? What is the background and what are the cultural, political, economical and ideological implications of the reinvention and (re)definition of the Balkans and "Balkan art"? What is the connection between the interest in the art and culture from South-Eastern Europe and the end of the war in the area of former Yugoslavia and the enlargement process of the European Union? In what way is the process of integration taking place on the cultural and political level; what part of those processes was included and what excluded? How have all these events manifested themselves in the changes in the building up and operation of the art system and infrastructure within the South-Eastern Europe; have they in any way influenced the conditions of creating, understanding and distributing the artistic production and critical theory reflection in this milieu?

Panellists (from Ljubljana): Rastko Močnik, Ph.D. (sociologist of culture), Alen Ožbolt (artist), Mitja Velikonja, Ph.D. (sociologist of culture), Borut Vogelnik (artist) and Igor Zabel, M.A. (curator, theorist).
Moderators: Robert Alagjozovski & Urška Jurman

The abstracts of the panellists’ contributions are published in PlatformaSCCA, No.4, 2005.

A panel discussion What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"?
November 7, 2005, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

With panel discussion entitled What Has Been Left from "Balkan Art"? Center for Contemporary Arts SCCA-Ljubljana concluded the research project What Is to Be Done with "Balkan Art"?. Invited panellists focused their attention to the question if the intense interest of the international art system in the recent years have manifested in any changes in building up of the infrastructure & operation of the art system within the South-East Europe.

Panellists: Suzana Milevska, Ph.D. (curator and theorist, Skopje), Miran Mohar (artist, Ljubljana) and Bertan Selim (European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam)
Moderator: Robert Alagjozovski
Visual intervention: Dan Perjovschi (artist, Bucarest)

Project presentation
PlatformaSCCA in the 9th International Istanbul Biennial
Istanbul, September 15, 2005

Presentation of a new issue PlatformaSCCA was a part of event Publication Launches and Happy Hour.

Publications presented:
- Maria Lind & Liam Gillick, Curating With Light Luggage, ed. by Liam Gillick And Maria Lind, Revolver Archiv Fur Aktuelle Kunst, 2004
- Urška Jurman & Barbara Borčić, What is to be done with 'Balkan art'?
- Charles Eshe, Mutevazi Oneriler, ed. by Serkan Ozkaya
- Vasif Kortun & Erden Kosova, Szene Turkei: Abseits, Aber Tor!
- Rosa Barba, Printed Cinema
- Sener Ozmen, Istanbul Guide
- Hatice Guleryuz, Strange Intimacies




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