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Postaja DIVADIVA Station presents
Self-archiving &
archiving of the artistic networks

Installation, presentation & screening

October 27, 2014, from 5 pm
Project Room SCCA (& its surrounding), Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Installation & screening: 5–7 pm
Presentation, at 7 pm

In frame of the periodic AV seminars, this year we tend to focus on the topic of artistic self-archives & archiving of the networks as well as on distribution platforms. Darko Fritz, media artist, curator and researcher will present his archival activities from different aspects, while the selected media/video works from AV-arkki, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art will be on view.

Darko Fritz:
Artistic self-archives & archiving of the networks
Presentation & installation

Darko Fritz, projections Archives in Progress, Zagreb

What are the methods of archiving and choosing the appropriate media for the presentation of artistic networks and organizations, long-term artistic processes and time-based art (performance, site-specific installations, internet art, etc.)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of migration artistic and archival materials in different media (eg. internet art to video documentation)? How much is developed a practice of parallel presentations of same archive materials in various media?

The presentation will examine three case-studies:

  1. permanent self-archiving of artistic activities by Darko Fritz in the project Archives in Progress (from 1987);
  2. presenting archival material of artistic movements and networks [New] Tendencies ([Nove] Tendencije 1961 - 1973/1978) through the practice of author's ten years research, curatorial work, publishing, lectures and design exhibition on the subject (HDLU, Zagreb, 2000; Neue Galerie, Graz, 2007; ZKM, Karlsruhe ZKM; 2008 / 2010 MIT Press; MSU, Zagreb, 2011);
  3. the presentation of various AV archives (Triple X and Next 5 minutes festivals, PARK4DTV), as a work of art performed live through the live VJing (CLUB.NL, 2000).

Darko FritzDarko Fritz (Amsterdam / Zagreb), media artist, curator and researcher. He works with reproductive media and technology in artistic and cultural context (video, computer- generated environment, digital photography, webcast). Founding member of artist groups Cathedral, The imitation of life studio, Young Croatian Electronic Films and the Future State of Balkania. Apart from his solo exhibitions and projects he has been involved in Syndycate Network and participated at group exhibitions and festivals worldwide. His research on histories of international media art resulted in several publications and exhibitions that went public since 2000, when he curated the first retrospective exhibition of historic international digital art, "I am Still Alive" (early computer-generated art and recent low-tech and internet art) in Zagreb. He has curated "CLUB.NL - contemporary art and art networks from the Netherlands", Dubrovnik, 2000; "Bit International - Computers and Visual Research, [New] Tendencies, Zagreb 1961—1973", Neue Galerie, Graz, 2007 and ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2008 and co-edited with M. Gattin, M. Rosen and P. Weibel related catalogue/book "A Little-Known Story about a Movement, a Magazine, and the Computer’s Arrival in Art: New Tendencies and Bit International, 1961-1973", ZKM, Karlsruhe / MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2011; Reconstruction: private=public=private=public=, Belgrade, 2009 and "Angles and Intersections" (co-curated with Nina Czegledy, Ellena Rosi and Peter Dobrila, artisitc director Christiane Paul), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, 2009. 2002, he published "A Brief Overview of Media Art in Croatia (Since the 1960s)" and edited related database at the portal Culturenet. In 2010 he started the research "The beginning of digital arts in the Netherlands (1955 - 1980)", awarded by grants by Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam. Fritz is founder and programmer of the grey) (area – space for contemporary and media art in Korčula since 2006.

More: http://darkofritz.net

The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art

Installation & screening

AV-arkki Distribution Catalogue 2013-2014

The seminar is accompanied by the exhibition of Finnish video and media works from the programmes of AV-arkki, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. These programmes are the latest contribution to our DIVA MEDIATHEQUE that apart from local media and video art provides around 500 videos by international artists and some of the most representative national video collections.

Selected video works: Juha Mäki-Jussila: Suddenly, Last Summer (2013, 4:14), Shachindra Kumar Dass: GOING SOMEWHERE? (2012, 4:33), Pink Twins: Miracle (2012, 8:18), Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen: Archipelago Science Fiction (2012, 24:55), Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen: Dormitorium (2013, 4:30), Mia Rinne: Sea (2013, 5:43), Hannaleena Heiska: Today we live (2013, 7:17), Timo Wright: Unfit (2013, 8:27), Marjatta Oja & Dave Berg: Bookville (2013, 3:58)

Presentation of works (pdf)


AV-arkki is a non-profit artists’ association that presents and distributes Finnish media art to festivals and galleries worldwide. It was founded in 1989 and has opened up opportunities for artists to get their works recognized internationally.

More: www.av-arkki.fi


Darko Fritz: Samoarhiviranje in arhiviranje Darko Fritz: Samoarhiviranje in arhiviranje

Darko Fritz: Samoarhiviranje in arhiviranje AV-arkki

Video document of the lecture (v angleškem jeziku)

Archiving Practices: Creating physical and virtual, analogue and digital archives is a necessary tool to enable us a reflexion on contemporary art production. UNESCO has adopted 27 October as the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage to better focus on the meaning of audio-visual materials and their carriers and to provide an incentive to protect and maintain these documents which are an essential part of cultural heritage. Each year SCCA-Ljubljana marks this date by preparing international seminars to seek for answers concerning the field of archiving AV materials, its usage and dissemination.

Production: SCCA–Ljubljana, 2014
Support: Ljubljana Municipality, Department for Culture; Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

[Published October 17, 2014]



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At some point,
in some place

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