Bridko Bebič traveling cinema presents: From blacksmith to miner: Španski borci, forward!

Music and cinema event

Friday, 13 April 2018, at 8 pm
Slovenian Cinematheque, Miklošičeva 28, Ljubljana

Sašo Podgoršek, Iztok Kovač: Vertigo Bird, 33:57, 1996 (Production: Zavod EN-KNAP)

We are warmly inviting you to join us in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of EN-KNAP Productions as well as 10th anniversary of the contemporary dance ensemble EnKnapGroup.

EN-KNAP will commemorate it with a rich programme between 9th and 13th April, presented at various venues throughout Ljubljana.

At this occasion, EN-KNAP also invited their past collaborators/co-workers (one of them is Bratko Bibič) to present their pieces – symbolizing a unique reflection on the 25 years of fruitful collaborations. This way they all can offer you a programme that truly represents their development and the artists, who helped the group thrive in the last quarter of a century.

Bridko Bebič traveling cinema presents a premiere of music and cinema event From from blacksmith to miner: Španski borci, forward! at the Slovenian Cinematheque on Friday, 13 April at 8 pm.

On-line announcement of the event:

Bratko Bibič on DIVA Station archive:


Bratko Bibič: idea, concept, AV editing, composition, improvisation, accordion, voices, production
Eduardo Raon: AV editing, composition, improvisation, harp, electronics, voices, technical production
Vid Drašler: composition, improvisation, percussion

Details about films used for the event:

In cooperation with: Zavod EN-KNAP, Slovenska Kinoteka – Kino uho, Zavod Alcedo, SCCA-Ljubljana