About SCCA-Ljubljana

Established in 2000, SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana (a successor to the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana, 1993–1999) is a model of a flexible and internationally active organisation for layering and comprehensively connecting programs and activities in the field of contemporary visual and new media arts.

Our diverse activities address artists, curators, theorists, experts, critics and general public in the fields of visual and new media arts. They trigger artistic, discursive and social practices and are rooted in the interdisciplinary approach and intense international cooperation.


In recent years, we have managed to establish a referential space for research and exhibition work, dialogue, teaching and service activities, not to mention the care and models our DIVA Station archive has provided for audio-video culture heritage and historical memory.

This interdisciplinary and multimedia nature has also been realised in physical space, under the name SCCA Project Room, which comprises a reference library, an audio-video archive and a digital editing and projection unit. But most importantly, the SCCA Project Room has become a common venue for meetings, workshops, conversation, presentations, exhibitions and performances.

It hosts the World of Art, School for Curatorial Practices and Critical Writing , as well as a series of events and installations, which encourage the thirst for research-related knowledge and constructive dialogue.

SCCA-Ljubljana operates in the public interest in the field of culture (no. of decission 0140 – 40/2009/11, date: 1. 2. 2010, issued by Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Slovenia).

Program in the period 2016-2019 is supported by

Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture

Final exhibition as a part of World of Art School is supported by:

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Membership in networks

IKT (International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art), Luxemburg / GAMA (Gateway to Archives of Media Art), Bremen / network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Alexandria / On-AiR (European tool for artists), Amsterdam / InSEEcp (Informal SEE Network of Cultural Portals) / On-the-Move (cultural information network), Brussels /Asociacija (Association of Independent Artists and Organisations in the Field of Culture in Slovenia), Ljubljana / Kooperativa, Regional Platform for Culture, Zagreb / Cultural Quarter Tabor (network of organisations from the neighbourhood Tabor), Ljubljana

SCCA-Ljubljana is the promotor of  CEC ArtsLink, an international program supporting residences and collaborative projects in cooperation with USA organizations and artists.

Completed service programs

In the period 2002-2013 SCCA-Ljubljana also developed information and advisory support system for arts and culture: Artservis (2011-2013) with Artservis’ Collection (a thematic project on production conditions in culture), Evrokultura (2005-2013),  ALF Contact Point in Slovenia (2008-2011) and Cultural Contact Point Slovenia (2002-2013). The activities of CCP Slovenia continued within Creative Europe Desk Slovenia.