DIVA Station

DIVA Station is a physical and web archive of video art which is being developed since 2005 at SCCA-Ljubljana with the intent to research, document, present and archive video/media art.

By now, it contains more then 1.600 items of different materials. Apart from artistic works it also contains documentations, television shows about video and new media, documentation of events and individual artists. Various sources are of utter importance for research and understanding of video/media art. It contributes greatly to the possibility of interpretation of art works as well as the context in which they were produced. DIVA Station constantly adds newly acquired works to the archive and promotes an overall understanding of artistic oeuvre by organising discussions and presentations.

Materials from physical archive are available for public viewing at Project Room SCCA at Metelkova 6, Ljubljana, where we also organise discussions with artists that are directly involved with archiving contemporary video art.

DIVA Station is run by Peter Cerovšek (head of video programs and video archive DIVA Station) with associates Vesna Bukovec and Robert Kuret (members of DIVA Station project group), Borut Savski (web programming), Metod Novak (IT support).


Exhibiton view, DIVA at Škuc Gallery, 2009. Photo: Dejan Habicht

DIVA Station programmes

Collecting of material for DIVA Station is based on a documentary, archival and research project on video art in Slovenia Videodokument: Video Art in Slovenia 1969-1998, which was developed at SCCA-Ljubljana between 1994 and 1999. Videodokument was the first systematic research of video art in Slovenia, and was important in framing terminology and setting theoretic basis for further research.

Based on a comprehensive research of video and media art practices DIVA Station encompasses a number of programmes: Videospotting (curated video programmes, since 1994), Internet Portfolio (presentations of the selected artists on the Internet, 1997), Archiving Practices (research, study exhibitions and educational seminars that thematize the importance of AV archives, their creation, integration and accessibility), Video Turn (experimental, research and exhibition project about video, multi-disciplinary and new media art practice, 2011-2013), Between Film and Video (themeatic exhibitions, research, lectures, screenings and talks), Video Evenings with DIVA Station (presentations of indiviual artists), VideoGarden (open-air screenings and talks), Back2Back (artistic researches of the archive), NYWS (international project, research and repository of female artists),  and a collection of Slovene and international books, catalogues and periodicals on contemporary video and new media art and its theory.

Genres of AV material

  • Art video and documents (actions, projects, performances, lectures, installations,interviews …): over 1.500 units (VHS, S-VHS, Beta SP, mini DV, CD-ROM, DVD, CD, mini disk, audio cassettes, digital files)
  • ŠKUC-Forum video production (1982-2000)
  • Documentary archive of SCCA-Ljubljana (since 1993: programs, projects, actions, lectures, panels, seminars, workshops)
  • Art projects: installations, actions, performances, exhibition projects, net art, TV projects (produced by SCCA-Ljubljana)
  • Art videos included in Videospotting program (since 1994)
  • International archive projects


Apart from a comprehensive archive of local video works we also keep archival projects by various international research organisations and individual video works given by the artists. Most of this works have been presented by us on several public events. All this materials represent an important reference point and additional incentive for our professional work and likewise offer a possibility for international exchange.

DIVA Station currently keeps 40 Years of Video in Germany a documentation and archival project that includes English and German version of the book and 10 DVD compilations with a selection of referential works form different decades; Video Edition Austria – Release 01 a documentation and archival project, a compilation edition of Austrian video art published by independent distribution house Medienwerkstatt from Vienna. We are also proud to present a compilation Rewind + Play. An Anthology of Early British Video Art, a compilation of alternative Paper Tiger TV, video compilation by SCCA-Sarajevo and many others.

Visit DIVA Station physical archive

Materials from physical archive are available for public viewing at Project Room SCCA at Metelkova 6, Ljubljana, where we also organise discussions with artists that are directly involved with archiving contemporary video art.

Visits by appointment only.

Contact: SCCA-Ljubljana, info[at]scca-ljubljana.si, tel.: 00 386 40 453 078

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