Video Turn

Video Turn (October 2011–October 2013)
Experimental Research & Exhibition Project
Focus: experimental (video, multi-disciplinary, new media) art practice

With the research and exhibition project Video Turn we wished to investigate and present the experimental (video, multi-disciplinary, new media) art practice and thereby also actualize the DIVA Station video archive, on the basis of which our research has initially began.

What is then the experimental and structural practice within a certain medium or within particular means of expression? What demonstrates creative and experimental use of technology? What are the methods, techniques, processes and characteristics of artistic language at the turn from the analogue to the digital, from the magnetic tape to a computer disk, from the single channel to the multi-media and new-media projects?

In the desire to reverse the dominant discourse on modern video and media artworks, that is favouring a theme, story or context, we focused on a specific media language and artistic expressions characterised by a different approach. We were developing the project together with the artists, that we have chosen on the basis of their longstanding work and activities in the field of experimental new media practices. In addition to research, interviews and texts we also prepared a series of public and closed lectures, screenings, workshops, performances and installations by Neven Korda, Marko Košnik and Miha Vipotnik.

Active involvement of the researchers by means of writing and publishing texts and notes in the project’s blog was a gesture to establish an equivalent responsibility for the formulation of statements; that researchers formulate in words and artists in the audiovisual field.

Production: SCCA-Ljubljana
Concept and realisation of the project: Barbara Borčić, Miha Colner, Dušan Dovč, Ida Hiršenfelder, Andrej Pezelj (DIVA Station)
The project was supported by: Erste Stiftung,  Ciyt of Ljubljana, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the RS