Fresh Perspective

Video screening and presentation by Vesna Bukovec

January 24, 2017, 6pm 
Cultural Centre Nova Gorica, Mala dvorana

Ana Sluga, Somewhere Else, 2011

The Fresh Perspective program is a selection from the DIVA Station archive’s new acquisitions presents new production by younger authors. It focuses on technological and stylistic characteristics as well as shifts in contents and concepts in the production compared to older works from the archive. The program pursuits for different artistic approaches to the times of today and intentionally exposes women artists.

Curator: Vesna Bukovec (artist, curator, coworker of DIVA Station)
Artists: Ana Čigon, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik, Valerie Wolf Gang, Katarina Rešek (Kukla), Andrea Knezović, Ana Sluga, Yuliya Molina, Neža Jurman (Nez Pez), Urška Djukić, Nika Autor, Vesna Bukovec, RÁTNEEK (Maja Prelog, Blaž Murn)

Photo: Matej Vidmar

DIVA StationDIVA Station is a physical and on-line archive of video art which is being developed since 2005 at SCCA – Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts with the intent to research, document, present and archive video/media art in Slovenia.