Platforma SCCA

PlatfromaSCCA, the magazine of SCCA-Ljubljana, is focused on the themes that would contribute considerably to the understanding of the contemporary art practice and its context. Apart from providing the information on the centre’s activities, we publish original texts and translations from the fields of art theory, critical theory and art criticism. With the special section entitled Open Scene we wish to stimulate also writers from the younger not yet experienced generation, to offer us their contributions.

Editors: Barbara Borčić, Urška Jurman
bw print, format 20,7 x 24,8 cm
Slovene, English, Croatian, Serbian
PlatfromaSCCA is published in Slovene/English language.

PlatformaSCCA No. 4 (September 2005)

Theme: What is to be done with “Balkan art”?
Robert Alagjozovski, Barbara Borčić & Urška Jurman: Introduction; Branka Stipančić: Balkanian, Atten-tion!; Nebojša Jovanović: Balkan Revamp(iris)ed: Good-buy, Mr. Harker! Welcome aboard, Mr. bauMax!; Suzana Milevska: Four Patches for the World Game: Game Theory and Art Practice in the Balkans; Miško Šuvaković: Bio-Political Interpretation of Open Potentiality of Balkan Art or A Temporary Realisation of European Identities Through Concrete Curatorial Tactics; Alen Ožbolt: Efficient Global Cleansing; Erden Kosova: A Conversation with Vasif Kortun; Robert Alagjozovski, Barbara Borčić & Urška Jurman: Interviews with Viktor Misiano, Igor Zabel, Eda Čufer; Raša Todosijević; What is to Be Done With ‘Balkan art’? – a panel discussion (Ljubljana, 2003); Abstracts from the panel discussion: Mitja Velikonja, Igor Zabel, Rastko Močnik, Borut Vogelnik.
Price: 5,00 EUR


PlatformaSCCA No. 3 (January 2002)

Novelties from the SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana programmes; Urša Jurman: Out of Our Backyard; Miško Šuvaković: The Ideology of the Exhibition; Lev Kreft: The Avant-Garde is Mainstream; Nataša Ilić & Dejan Kršić: Political Practices of Art; Bogdan Lešnik: Fragments on Theory and Ideology; Rastko Močnik: …About the Art; Interview with Suzana Milevska conducted by Ivanka Apostolova; Igor Zabel: Art and Quality.
Price: 5,00 EUR


PlatformaSCCA No. 2 (December 2000), sold-out

Theme: Research project Manifesta in Our Backyard II
Texts: Barbara Borčić & Urša Jurman: Foreword; Eda Čufer: Reflections on Manifesta 3; Urša Jurman & Sabina Salamon: Interview with Viktor Misiano; Urša Jurman: Interview with Ole Bouman; Miško Šuvakovič: Critical Phenomenology of Atwork: The Status, the Functions and the Effects of the Artwork at Manifesta 3; Igor Španjol: Manifesta in the living room; Marjetica Potrč: Artist as Reports: Documentary videos at Manifesta 3; Alenka Pirman: Diligent in time and space; Open Scene: Maša Gedrih, Petja Grafenauer, Sandra Sajovic, Andreja Slavec, Ivanka Apostolova.


PlatformaSCCA No. 1 (2000), sold-out

Theme: Research project Manifesta in Our Backyard I
Texts: Barbara Borčić: Manifesta 3 in relation to the host city of Ljubljana and its contemporary art scene, Urška Jurman: Research project Manifesta in Our Backyard, Miško Šuvaković: Status and priorities. A pre-consideration for Manifesta 3.
Interviews with: Tadej Pogačar, Jurij Krpan, Gregor Podnar, Igor Zabel, Jeanne van Heeswijk (Wapke Feenstra)