VideoGarden.15: Landscapes, Spaces

Screening and talk
Thursday, 4 July 2024, 9 pm
Inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

Cover image design: Brina Vidic

Landscapes, Spaces

Participating: Ana Brumat, Ester Ivakič, Blaž Kutin, Blaž Murn, David Paige, Maja Prelog, Juš Premrov
Curator: Robert Kuret
Duration: 60’

The films deal with landscapes, both internal and external, in one way or another. If human characters or figures are present, they are part of the landscape rather than occupying the foreground; in this way, we establish a relationship to space, its dimensions, and the entities within it, which manifest themselves in different ways. Above all, humans manifest themselves through the traces of social arrangements that determine the ways and possibilities of moving through spaces.


Ana Brumat, Pursuit of Anomalous Mind Habitats
Netherlands, experimental, 2019, 4’

The transmutation of mind and matter was a subject of research in the field of alchemy, which continues nowadays in the sciences exploring the nature of consciousness, the creation of A-life, and synthetic and systems biology. The Pursuit of Anomalous Mind Habitats is an attempt of the mind to expand, mutate and change its abode.
Blaž Kutin, Warm for this Time of Year
Slovenia, experimental, fiction, 2011, 10’
Tibor is sitting alone outside a bar. After a while he runs out of cigarettes, but the nearby tobacco stand is closed. He heads on and does not stop walking.
Ester Ivakič, Reversed Air
Slovenia, experimental, 2020, 8’
Once there was a girl, living in a pink house. One day her pink house exploded, so she went on a journey for a new one.
Maja Prelog, Blaž Murn (RÁTNEEK), 2 0 4 5
Slovenia, experimental, 2016, 9′
“7 May 2045. I’ve decided to go back home.”
Juš Premrov, x1-ESCHATON
Slovenia, experimental, 2022, 7′
Life shifts to dust, to stone, to sky – to love, in the end. The circle never breaks.
David Paige, Harnessing
France, experimental, 2023, 22’
Over a period that followed the enforced shutdown of Paris, David Paige initiated a resonance through observation. Harnessing, the resultant project of filmic work, is an invitation into a record of time amidst global interruption.


Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive