20 June – 25 August 2019
First Foyer of the Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana
Opening: Thursday, 20 June at 5pm

We are informing you about a curatorial project of our co-worker of World of Art School and Studio 6 programme, Jasna Jernejšek. The project is produced by Institute Membrana and is accompanying the new issue of the Membrana magazine Photography.

The group exhibition Instinct, curated by Jasna Jernejšek, represents the works of an international team of artists, Vanja Bučan, Anja Carr, Klaus Pichler, Alexandra Soldatova, and Daniel Szalai, who explore how the relationship between animals and humans is ideologically emphasized or concealed with images, and how the concept of instinct defines the process of photography and the photographic representation.

The exhibition is accompanied by a discursive-educational program and the publication of the new issue of the Membrana magazine, which broadens the theme of instinct and the (photographic) representation of animals, linking it with other interdisciplinary fields.


Artists: Vanja Bučan, Anja Carr, Klaus Pichler, Alexandra Soldatova, Daniel Szalai
Curator: Jasna Jernejšek
Associate professional: Emina Djukić
Accompanying text: Jasna Jernejšek
Exhibition layout: Emina Djukić, Jasna Jernejšek
Aid with the conduction of the exhibition and the accompanying program: Ajda Auer, David Bordon, Regina Jakšič, Lucija Rosc, Karin Rošker, Lana Špiler, Leopold Štefanič, Neža Ternik, Lea Topolovec /
Production: Membrana
Co-production: Cankarjev Dom, Cultural and Congress Centre
The project was made possible by the: Department for Culture of the City of Ljubljana / Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia / Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia / European Social Fund / Balassi Institute
The adjoining programme is co-founded by Republic of Slovenia and European Union through European Social Fund.