V-F-X Ljubljana 2023

3rd International Festival of Experimental Audiovisual Practices V-F-X Ljubljana
11 – 14 May 2023
Slovenian Cinematheque, SCCA Project Room


Long Live the Experimental!

Every new edition of the festival dedicated to experimental AV production is a jubilee in Slovenia. In an environment that has no elaborated vision of the development and production of experimental cinema and where the latter does not even exist in the open calls for film co-funding, every event dedicated to experimental creativity is a reason for celebration. That is why the third edition of the V-F-X Ljubljana International Festival of Experimental AV Practices is a real feast. Another reason for celebration is also the recent news that the festival has for the first time received the support of the Slovenian Film Centre, which we consider an acknowledgement of our work so far, but it might also signal that the decision-makers are going to pay somewhat more attention to this film form in the future. If, in the previous two years, we presented our programme somewhat shyly, we can now self-confidently say that this year’s edition is a big step forward both in content and in ensuring continuity.

Four festival days challenge the horizon of the domesticated gaze: with the filmmaker in focus, the experimental animator Gudrun Krebitz, we will explore the polyphonic layering of intimate cinematic landscapes; we will get to know the blazing Pan-American experimental production through two programmes selected by the guest curator Jean-Jacques Martinod, while this year’s new section Vistas brings together what the programme team has gleaned from the wide field of current practices. With the New Light programme we would like to emphasise the significance of preserving Slovenian heritage, but we at the same time also unreservedly think about the future: during the festival, the interactive VR installation Journey Into the Universe of Consciousness will test the limits of the gaze. In addition to Neža Knez’s workshop and exhibition, the Czech artist Jan Kulka will provide a fitting closing of the festival with his AV performance. Vive le expérimental!

Programme Team 


SCCA PROJECT ROOM, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Friday – Sunday, 5 – 7 May
A Picture of the Materiality of Light and the Toxins of Plants
, workshop by Neža Knez

Thursday, 11 May
6 pm — Neža Knez: Analogue Diffractions #1, exhibition opening (on view until 18 May, every day from noon to 5 pm)*


SLOVENIAN CINEMATHEQUE, Miklošičeva 28, Ljubljana

Thursday, 11 May
7.30 pm — VR Point: Journey Into the Universe of Consciousness, presentation of the interactive multimedia VR installation (authors RAJ X TOT and Antonio Giacomin)*
9 pm — Author in Focus: Gudrun Krebitz, screening

Friday, 12 May
5 pm — A Picture of the Materiality of Light and the Toxins of Plants, presentation of the workshop*
7 pm — Everything Moves: New Light from the Avant-garde Collections of the Slovenian Cinematheque, screening and talk with Tone Rački
9 pm — Salts and Grounds. Programme of Pan-American Cinema I: Living Scents, screening and introduction by the curator Jean-Jacques Martinod

Saturday, 13 May
5 pm — Analogue Formats in the Digital Environment, panel discussion*
7 pm — Salts and Grounds. Programme of Pan-American Cinema II: Please an Abyss, screening and introduction by the curator Jean-Jacques Martinod
9 pm — Vistas I, curated by the festival programme team

Sunday, 14 May
7 pm — Jan Kulka, film performance
9 pm — Vistas II, curated by the festival programme team


Thursday, 11 May, 7.30 pm (presentation)
Friday – Sunday, 12 – 14 May, from 2 pm to 7 pm
RAJ X TOT and Antonio Giacomin: Journey Into the Universe of Consciousness, museum lecture room of the Slovenian Cinematheque during the festival hours, individual view with VR glasses*


>> Detailed Programme

Admission according to the Slovenian Cinematheque price list: 4,40 € regular / 2,20 € Kinopolis / free for unemployed people and persons with disability.
* Free admission
WARNING: Some of the films contain strong flashing light and sound signals.


Camera and editing: Olga Michalik


Workshop, 5 – 7 May 2023, photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive and Neža Knez

Day 1, 11 May 2023, photo: Asiana Jurca Avci

Day 2, 12 May 2023, photo: Asiana Jurca Avci

Day 3, 13 May 2023, photo: Asiana Jurca Avci

Day 4, 14 May 2023, photo: Asiana Jurca Avci

Festival Programme Team: Anja Banko, Vesna Bukovec, Peter Cerovšek, Matevž Jerman, Varja Močnik, Igor Prassel
Festival Guests: Martin Baus (Chile/Ecuador), Antonio Giacomin (Italy), Neža Knez (Slovenia), Vladislav Knežević (Croatia), Gudrun Krebitz (Austria/Germany), Jan Kulka (Czech Republic), Jean-Jacques Martinod (Ecuador), Anže Peršin (Slovenia/Portugal), Tone Rački (Slovenia), Ivonne Sheen (Peru), RAJ X TOT (Slovenia)
Visual Identity: Vesna Bukovec
Festival Booklet Design: Maja Rebov
Slovenian language editing: Mojca Hudolin
Texts translation: Maja Lovrenov
Film Translation and Subtitling: Maja Lovrenov, Janina Kos, Diana Jenko
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana/DIVA Station
Co-production: Slovenian Cinematheque
Festival is supported by: Slovenian Film Centre, City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture
VR Point and the exhibition are supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture
Thanks: Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, Keiser University (Florida), Marko Turkuš, Hrvoje Spudić, Klubvizija (Zagreb), Forum Ljubljana