Back2Back: Nika Jurman

Talk and screening
Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 7 pm
Project Room SCCA, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Back2Back is a series of events where we invite local and international authors to present their production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive. Screenwriter and director Nika Jurman will present her award-winning short film Borbike.

The event will be held in Slovene language.

Borbike (2022) is an independent short film I made with Barbie dolls. It is a stop-motion animation that uses face filters to alter facial expressions and mimic human emotions on the beautiful but unexpressive dolls. It’s about a young artist who moved to Ljubljana from a village and can no longer afford to live in an expensive city. To earn some money, she attends a posh party where the “Aristocats” don’t mock only her art idea but also her rural upbringing. Humiliated, she leaves the city to participate in an art residency in a village where she will have free food and a place to stay.

The films I chose from the archive are about following your heart, parodying conventions, being happy when your friend makes it to the national TV, the financial situation of a culture worker, dreaming about having your place, Slovenian houses, noticing your patterns, Ljubljana being the centre of Slovenia, the urban-rural power dynamics, appearance, people from Ljubljana partying in a village, and being nostalgic.

Nika Jurman

Curator: Nika Jurman
Duration: 53′

Ana Morales (Luksuz Produkcija), Kino otok Izola 2005
2005, 7′ 50″
Miha Vipotnik, Space 2
1986, 1′ 53″
Rok Sieberer – Kuri, Teletekst
2001, 35″
Nika Jurman, Borbike
2022, 15′
Lada Cerar, Blow my bills away

2012, 2′ 51″
Vesna Bukovec, The Happiest Apartment in the World
2010, 4′ 8″
Ivor Glavaš & Javier Cebrian (Luksuz produkcija), Euro House
2018, 2′ 45″
Vesna Bukovec, When I wake up, I am going to create something beautiful
2011, 4′
Rok Sieberer – Kuri, Ljubljana Trafik
2006, 1′ 30″
Vesna Bukovec, Endless Game
1990, 5′ 39″
Rok Sieberer – Kuri, Yello žur
1990, 2′ 38″
Polonca Lovšin, Always Better
2002, 1′ 27″
Mirko Simić, Mala terasa
1992, 3′ 11″


Nika Jurman (1991) is a screenwriter and director. She holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in French. Her interest in comedy led her to begin her screenwriting career with the television series V dvoje (2015-2017). The script for her first feature film was based on a collection of short stories by Suzana Tratnik and is entitled Ida Who Sang So Badly Even the Dead Rose up and Joined Her in Song. The film is currently being edited. Last year, she wrote and directed her first animated short film, Borbike (2022), which won the Vesna for Best Animated Film at the Slovenian Film Festival. She is developing her first live-action short film, which she will direct in the autumn. (Foto: personal archive)

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