Back2Back: Teja Miholič – Neighbour’s Dog Is Crying What if the Neighbour Is Dead

Talk and screening
Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 8 pm
Project Room SCCA, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Back2Back is a series of events where we invite local and international authors to present their production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive.

Artist and film director Teja Miholič presents her film Neighbour’s Dog Is Crying What if the Neighbour Is Dead and a selection of works in which she recognized similar humour, pace, aesthetics or personal expression.

In the film Neighbour’s Dog Is Crying What if the Neighbour Is Dead, I recorded audio recordings of all my worries, which I thought about on a random day when I was living in Toulouse, combined with my own and stock photos. This work is just one of my many attempts to deal with my problems by documenting them. Essential elements of my creation are humour, sincerity and analytical gathering of irrelevant information/things/photos.

Most of the selected videos in the programme are connected by humour, whether manifested in how the message is communicated (Important News, Bank of Celje: Prisoner), visual aesthetics (The Solar Collection, Insert from TV show New Year’s Disco) or performative actions. They share a straightforward approach to light, banal or difficult topics. In some works, artists deal with space (Square, Cultivation, For Sale, Why Slovenian Houses Look The Way They Do), in others with existence (The Sand Collectors), and in others with coexistence. Interventions in space and reflection on living in the city are also an important part of my artistic practice within the Kvadratni meter art collective and in my independent work. I can also find parallels in the naive or fairy-tale mode of narration of some selected videos (Ajiaco, For Sale, Why Slovenian Houses Look The Way They Do, The Sand Collectors) and the analytical collection of similar elements in others (Cyberstalking).

Teja Miholič

Curator: Teja Miholič
Duration: 58′

Teja Miholič, Neighbour’s Dog Is Crying What if the Neighbour Is Dead
2022, 1’42”
Alenka Pirman, Maja Šubic, Ajiaco
1998, Ljudmila, 5’15”
» video
Neža Knez, Square
2019, 13′
» video
Danilo Milovanović, Cultivation
2018, 3’17”
» video
Eva Jakopič, Katarina Lukec, For Sale
Luksuz produkcija, 2019, 3’31”
» video
Polonca Lovšin, Why Slovenian Houses Look The Way They Do
2007, 7’19”
» video
Vesna Bukovec, Important News
2003, 54″
» video
Miha Vipotnik, Insert from TV show New Year’s Disco
RTV Ljubljana, 1983, 2’32”
» video
Miha Vipotnik, Bank of Celje: Prisoner
1997, 45″
» video
Sara Bezovšek, Cyberstalking
2019, 5’27”
» video
Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda, The Sand Collectors
1995, V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana & TV Slovenija, 13’6″
» video
Polonca Lovšin, The Solar Collection
2002, 51′
» video


Teja Miholič (1993) completed BA in photography at VIST in Ljubljana and a MA in film at ENSAV in Toulouse. She works in the fields of intermedial art, film photography and directing. She has appeared at Slovenian festivals for several years in a row with her films, such as the Slovenian Film Festival, FeKK – Short Film Festival in Ljubljana and Kino Otok. Her films were screened at festivals in France, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Colombia, etc. As a contemporary artist, she exhibited in galleries in Slovenia and abroad. (Photo: Juš Premrov)

Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive

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