Petra Varl + MicroCollection: For Real


1 – 16 April 2017
Through Shim at ArtHelix Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Opening on Friday 31 March at 6.30 pm

We would like to inform you about the exhibition project of Petra Varl, an artist taking part in SCCA-Ljubljana project Internet Portfolio.

Sračok & Pöhlmann is pleased to present For Real, the first of a series of two-person shows taking place at ArtHelix gallery in Brooklyn, featuring works by Petra Varl and MicroCollection who met during Susak expo 2016. The exhibition is curated by Herzog Dellafiore.

PETRA VARLTrees, 2017
For this show, Petra Varl will be presenting her new body of work, an installation of bold ink drawings on paper of trees and their shadows.

The shadow gives shape and life to the object in light. It also provides the realm from which fantasies and dreams arise.” Juhani Pallasmaa

MICROCOLLECTION, Cabinet de regard: Twenty Names Circled in Red or Green, 2017
ForTwenty Names Circled in Red or Green, Microcollection will exhibit twenty art fragments, visible under a microscope, from the collection, selected by con-artist Daniel Devlin who chose ten artists he knew personally (circled in red) and ten only by reputation (circled in green).

Artists don’t make objects. Artists make mythologies. ”Anish Kapoor

The idea for Microcollection museum came to the Italian artist Elisa Bollazzi in 1990 at the Venice Biennale, when almost by chance, she picked up a few fragments that had accidentally fallen onto the floor from a work by Anish Kapoor. Those micro-particles visible under a microscope represented an intuition of a new form of creation. Now Microcollection owns more than a thousand art-particles that Elisa and hundreds of spontaneous collaborators saved from oblivion. Microcollection is a mental art experience and starts a process that changes the boundaries of art, mainly focusing on immateriality, mythology and dissemination.

Petra Varl was born in 1965 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from The Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. She has shown her work in numerous independent and group shows, including the Sao Paolo Biennial. Since the year 2000 she has been working as an Associate Professor of drawing and graphic arts at the Fine Arts Department of the Teacher’s College of the University of Maribor. She lives and works in Ljubljana and Maribor.