World of Art Anthologies

Five bilingual anthologies of World of Art – School of Curatorical Practices and Critical Writing have offered the achievements of each year of the school in a written form thus preserving them also for our descendents.

Bw print, format 23,3 x 23,3 cm, Slovene & English


World of Art. Years 7–14, 2012.
Dilemmas of curatorial practices
Published by: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2012
Editors: Saša Nabergoj, Barbara Borčić
Editors assistant: Simona Žvanut
184 Pages (Slovene/English Edition)
Curatorial and Institutional Strategies (lectures/texts, conversations, reflections)
Selection of texts 2007–2012:
Pau Cata: Theory as Practice: Creative Research on CeRCCa’s Local Context, Sønke Gau and Katharina Schlieben: Marginalised Artistic Practices and Self-Organisation: ‘Work to do! Self-Organisation in Precarious Working Conditions’, Angela Harutyunyan: Apart We Are Together: Topographical Curating, Petra Kapš: Lete ali Mnemozina za fu-(turo) OR kot omniprisotna trojnost: poiesis, tehné, parrhesia (in Slovene only), Dorothee Richter: Artists and Curators as Authors – Competitors, Collaborators, or Teamworkers?, Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja: What Comes After the Show? On Post-representational Curating, Andrzej Szczerski: Curating and the Importance of Artwork, Saša Nabergoj: We are Interested in Ways of Working Based on Local Needs (conversation: Petja Grafenauer), Dorothee Richter: Some Aspect of a Future Curatorial Education and the Development of the Field of Curating and Art Mediation, Clementine Deliss: Curator is the One who Generates Ideas in Collaboration with Artists (conversation: Saša Nabergoj), Petja Grafenauer: That’s What LabSUs Meant to me, Petja Grafenauer: The Significance of Inter-regional Integration for Curatorial Practices.
From the Workshops Archive: Eda Čufer: The Interview as a Tool, Suzana Milevska: Voice(s) of One’s Own: Writing a Catalogue Text as a Specific Genre of Interdisciplinary and Performative Writing, Round table: Curatorial Practices in Slovenia (in Slovene only), Sandra Belšak: Pretty Dirty, Iva Kovač: Iconoclasm or the Absolution of Visual Pleasure, Lara Plavčak: Around the World of Art in 4.380 Days.
World of Art. Years 1997–2012: Documentation
Press clipping
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World of Art. Strategies of Presentations 2 & 3 (with a catalogue of exhibition Camera Lucida and Fade In Fade Out). Almanac, double issue.
Published by SCCA-Ljubljana, 2004
Editors: Barbara Borčić, Saša Nabergoj
Slovene/English Edition
Texts and conversations with authors (Eda Čufer et al.): Boris Buden: Through Art Towards New Defeats: the Austrian Case;Anne Cartel, David Dronet: Multimedia Cultural Centre Station Mir; Charles Esche: The Possibility Forum – Institutional Change and Modest Proposals; Daniel Jewesbury: Scopo; Tadej Pogačar: This Is What You Want ?This Is What You Get; Donatella Ruttar, Moreno Miorelli: Postaja Topolove / Stazione di Topolo; Nevenka Šivavec: The Lure of the Local; Conversations with lecturers: A Conversation with D. Dronet (Urška Jurman); A Conversation with D. Jewesbury; (Nevenka Šivavec); A Conversation with T. Pogačar(Tanja Mastnak); A Conversation with D. Ruttar and M. Miorelli (Saša Nabergoj); A Conversation with N. Šivavec (Alenka Pirman); A Conversation with ŠKART (Aleksandra Mirčić, Vladimir Tupanjac, Barbara Borčić).
Price: 20,00 EUR

World of Art. Strategies of Presentations. Almanac
Published by SCCA-Ljubljana, 2002
Slovene/English Edition
Texts by Clémentine Deliss: Metronom: Curatorial Practice and Research; Branislav Dimitrijević: The Grand Compromise: On Examples of the Use of Political References in Serbian Art of the 90’s, and its Historical Background; EURovision2000 (Marion von Osten, Peter Spillman in Susanna Perin): EURovision of the World of Art; Mike Hentz: Translation; Marko Košnik: Abstraction and Action; Oliver Marchart: Political Strategies as Artistic Strategies: The Use of Multiple Names; Olesya Turkina: St. Petersburg’s Neo-academism. Revival of the Great Story; Miha Zadnikar: Reconstructing Subculture.
Price: 15,00 EUR

World of Art. Geopolitics and Art. Almanac
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1999
Slovene/English Edition
Texts by Charles Harrison: The Merits of Incompetence; Jaroslav Andel: Art’s shifting Grounds: The Case of Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic; Calin Dan: Geography of Doom. An Estimate of Possibilities; Irwin: Eastern Modernism – Three Exhibitions, Three Projects, Four Books; Dušan Rutar: Digital Aesthetics, global Images and Ethics of New Tribalism; Edi Muka: Permanent Instability; Marko Peljhan: Strategies of Minimal Resistance – Analysis of Tactical Work in the Surveillance Society.
Price: 12,00 EUR

World of Art. Theories of Display. Almanac – sold out
Published by OSI-Slovenia (SCCA-Ljubljana), 1998
Slovene/English Edition
Texts by Stephen Bann, Display Across the Ages; Ute Meta Bauer, Do-It-Yourself: Exhibitions by Artists during the 20th Century; Nadja Zgonik, The Role of National Identity Research in Theories of Display in Slovenia: Between Past and Present, Konstantin Akinsha, Notes on the Underground; Tadej Pogačar, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art and New Parasitism; Igor Zabel, Exhibition Strategies in the Nineties: A Few Examples from Slovenia; Vuk Ćosić, Net.Art, the Text.