Artists’ Films – artRESOLUTION

Conversations, video and film projections

Friday, 12 April 2019, from 12 to 22
KBC – Hall of the Cultural Center of Belgrade (cinema and foyer), Kolarčeva 6, Beograd

After a decade of participation in the development of Artists’ Film International, a project in the field of artists’ film and video production, which the London Whitechapel Gallery started with major museums and galleries from around the world, the Podroom Gallery, focusing on moving images, organizes, in cooperation with Kinetik kolektiv, a one-day program that consists of video and film screenings and talks in various formats on the perspectives of artists’ film and its position in the world of cinematography and contemporary art.

artRESOLUTION is a wider framework under which various aspects of moving images would be explored, as well as a platform for extending the concept of the history and practice of contemporary art production in this field. Within the media formats, the degree of visibility of details in the analogue and digital image, the so-called resolution, is a concrete obsession of the epoch saturated with the massive use and rapid development of new technology, while artRESOLUTION calls for consideration of the consequences and impact of technological development on art practices.

One-day program includes projections of films and videos, and talks about the artists film and its position in the world of film and contemporary art.  As part of the program, Barbara Borčić and Peter Cerovšek, collaborators of the DIVA Station video archive, will present various aspects and themes related to artists film and video in the past and today.

Barbara Borčić (art historian and media theorist, head of video programs and archive DIVA Station) participates in the section “Video archives: meaning and ways of presentation” at 6pm.  She will present the DIVA Station video archive and in conversation with FTV editor Vladmir Šojat she will talk also about the archiving practices and specifics of the on-line archive. For the event, she also prepared a video selection titled Video Discipline & Dreams, which will be featured along with a selection of artists films from the latest edition of Artists Film International on the theme of gender and the program of Iranian video.

Peter Cerovšek (filmmaker, producer, film critic, director of the Festival of Short Film FeKK and collaborator to the Postaja DIVA) participates in the talk “Different Perspectives in Understanding Artists Film” together with international curators: Emily Butler, curator of the project Artists’Film International in the gallery Whitechapel, London (recording), Ines Grosso, curator in the Museum MAAT, Lisboa, Arto Ushan, freelance curator, artist and founder of the Festival of amateur film WIPE in Berlin, Vladimir Nikolić, artist and professor at Department of New Media at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Zohreh Daldadeh, freelance curator from Tehran. Discussion will take place at 1pm and will be moderated by Boško Prostran (Doplgenger), artist and Zorana Đaković Minniti, program coordinator of the Podroom gallery CCB. Peter Cerovšek will also present his experiences in organizing film programs, especially the FeKK Short Film Festival (Ljubljana, since 2015).

More about the progremme: KBC – Cultural Center of Belgrade

Video Discipline & Dreams

Selection from DIVA Station Video Archive
Duration: 76′ 55”
Curated by: Barbara Borčić
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2019

A chronologically rounded program with selected eight video works highlights the shifts in the understanding and use of video as a means of expression and artistic specificities at the technological, media and content levels between 1979 and 2000.

  • Miha Vipotnik, Videogram 4, 29′, RTV Ljubljana, 1976-79
  • Marijan Osole-Max, Avtop / Autop, 4′ 50”, ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983
  • Neven Korda / Borghesia, Discipline (compilation The Triumpf of Desire), 3′ 46”, FV Video / ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1984
  • Marko A. Kovačič, American Dream, 6′, Brut, Ljubljana 1986
  • Sašo Podgoršek, God Is God (Laibach), 3′ 41”, Mute Film London, 1996
  • Zemira Alajbegović & Neven Korda, Zbiralci peska / The Sand Collectors, 12′, V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1995
  • Ema Kugler, Tajga / Taiga, 8′, Forum Ljubljana & VPK, Ljubljana 1996
  • Andrej Lupinc, V 8. minutah okoli sveta / In Eight Minutes Around the World, 9’38’’, A. L. & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana, 1990-2000