Studio 6

Artistic actions, exhibitions, performances, discussions between diverse protagonists of the contemporary art world

Studio 6 (from 2004) offers a platform for conversations about modes of working, cooperation and networking among the diverse protagonists in the field of contemporary arts (artists, curators, critics, theorists) and space for presentation of artistic actions and ensures their reflection.

Programme is prepared by: Miha Kelemina and Lara Plavčak.

Saša Nabergoj was the head of the Studio 6 programme from 2004 until 1st August 2015 with help of coordinators: Simona Žvanut, Sonja Zavrtanik, Maja Lozić and Tevž Logar.
Simona Žvanut was the head of Studio 6 programme between 1st August 2015 and June 2016 with help of coordinator Miha Kelemina.

Programme in 2017

Maja Antončič and Dalibor Bori Zupančič, group exhibition Somethin’s Written

Programme in 2016

Domen Ograjšek & Tjaša Podlogar, exhibition Words as Colours, Colours as Words

Programme in 2015

Ode on Manhattan Avenue, exhibition Words as Colours, Colours as Words

Programme in 2014

Uni-form, On Our Backyard

Programme in 2013

OFFTIR,  Cirkulacija 2