Back2Back: Ester Ivakič – Good evening + dear friends

Talk and screening
Friday, 30 September 2022, 8 pm
Project Room SCCA, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Back2Back is a series of events, where we invite local and international authors to present their own production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive.

Film director and visual artist Ester Ivakič prepared a programme of various entertaining and mystical films, which she based on her short experimental film Sometimes I wish I were an angel sometimes. In the selected works, themes such as nature, love, paranormal, friendship, dreams, and other dimensions stand out. While searching through the DIVA Station archive, the author highlighted works that inspire her with their innovative form, exposure of fluidity, effects of the multidimensional, iridescent, and magical.


Good evening + dear friends
Curator: Ester Ivakič

Ester Ivakič, Sometimes I wish I were an angel sometimes
2022, 6′ 32″
» video
Amir Muratović, With the Wind
2008, 1′ 10″
» video
Ana Nuša Dragan, Lyhnida
TV Skopje, 1989, 8′ 47″
» video
Peter Cerovšek, Neža Grum, Matevž Jerman, We have all been here since forever
Luksuz produkcija, 2016, 12′ 14″
» video
Ema Kugler, The Visitor
V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana, VPK & Viba film, 1995, 26′ 41″
» video
Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda, Autobus
TV Slovenija, 1993, 11’10”
» video
Neven Korda, Angelic Wreath On Speed
2006, 4′ 42″
» video
Luka Dekleva, City Off Season
2006, 5′ 44″
» video
Miha Vipotnik, Insert from TV show New Year’s Disco
RTV Ljubljana, 1983, 3′
» video


Ester Ivakič (1992) is a film director and visual artist. She graduated from the School of Arts University of Nova Gorica, and continued her master’s degree in film directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) of the University of Ljubljana. She is the author of several short films and music videos. Currently she is developing her debut feature film.


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