Silver halides encounters

Digital screening and presentation of 16 mm films – FeKK Off – Ljubljana Short Film Festival FeKK

Thursday, 22 August 2019 at 11am
Project Room SCCA, Ljubljana

Silver halides encounters is a selection of 16mm mostly black and white films produced in Croatian independent film laboratory Klubvizija. While exploring analogue film possibilities, the programme begins in meditative, dreamlike mood, takes a bizarre poetic twist, then calms down with a hypnotic walk through nature to end up in urban chaos. Participating artists: Mirna Pavičić, Prvi stavak / First Piece (2019); Maja Milić, Ding Dong (2016); Hrvoslava Brkušić, Planine / Montains (2018), Anita Budimir, LEVEL.303 (2015).

Klubvizija is the only film laboratory for manual film development in Croatia and region. Strongly based on DIY ethics, the main purpose of Klubvizija is to encourage visual artists to work creatively with analogue film and to provide a space where the technical and artistic knowledge of free visual expression is gathered and shared. Until now Klubvizija organized numerous film workshops under the guidance of todays’ most prominent professionals and experimental filmmakers (Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Jodie Mack, Richard Tuohy, Robert Fenz, Stefano Canapa, … ), as well as film screenings, live performances and lectures. This year Klubvizija celebrates 10 years anniversary.

The programme, as a part of 5th FeKK – Ljubljana short film festival, will be projected digitally and presented by Klubvizija members Ejla Kovačević and Anita Budimir. Mirna Pavičić is a visual artist who also works in radio. She mainly works with 16mm film. Her practice spreads across audiovisual performances and short filmmaking. Anita Budimir is a video editor, photographer, author of experimental short films, both digital and analog.

Mirna Pavičić, Prvi stavak / First Piece

2019, 2′, 16mm film (digital projection)

Visual accompaniment for the first part of the composition Three pieces for piano by Branimir Norac.

Maja Milić, Ding Dong

2016, 10′, 16mm film (digital projection)

Experimental poetry film based on the psychological novel Aporia, written by Hrvoje Milić. The book has no plot and is completely built of interior monologues. The character’s constant and neverending contemplations create a tense psychodrama, in which the exterior expresses his state of mind and emotions. Excerpts of poetic prose, read by the author, the sound and experimental use of montage, subtitles and black screen are creating a rhythmic spiral sinking into the (un)conscious.

Hrvoslava Brkušić, Planine / Montains

2018, 12’, 16mm film (digital projection)

The starting point for this work were the slides found at Zora Film, a company that produced educational films intended for geography classes in the 1950s. However, the author selected only motifs of mountains. By using complex post-production methods, the images come to life. The mountains seem to grow more and more distant, and cease to look real. The film turns into an psychogeographical journey.

Anita Budimir, LEVEL.303

2015, 3′, 16mm film (digital projection)

Short, experimental film full of graphism and urban elements, hectic combination of 16mm positive, negative and high contrast film. Chaos of urban living and atmosphere of the city rush is visualised by chemical damaged image caused by process called Mordançage.


Production: SCCA–Ljubljana / DIVA station, FeKK, Film lab Klubvizija Zagreb
Thanks: Branka Veljin and Anita Budimir, crew of the festival FeKK